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Just Released: Preaching to Monkeys

A heart-warming true story of Otto's journey to healing his relationship with his father. This book offers men hope that they really can heal their relationship with their father or son without having to give up who they are to get their love. Find out more here...

Programs For Communicating with Love and Ease


500 Communication Tips & Secrets500CommunicationTips100


If communication is frustrating with your spouse or partner and you find yourself repeatedly arguing over the same issues,here are 500 tips and shortcuts to make communicating easier and more open so that you can finally feel loved, appreciated and understood. Click here now.

Stop Talking on Eggshells

You’ll learn how to talk with your partner (or anyone) without fear in this new step by step guide for communicating, connecting and getting the love you want. When you apply this new information, you’ll feel more understood, loved and more connected than you ever thought possible. Click here for more infoHow To Get Him or Her To Open Up To You...


Programs For Overcoming Jealousy, Cheating and Rebuilding Trust

 No More Jealousy

Learn  the secrets to stopping your jealous thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you from having the love you really want.  Also get expert advice on how to handle the biggest jealousy issues that pop up in relationships like your partner’s wandering eyes, dealing with a jealousy meltdown, how to find out if your partner’s cheating or not, trusting again after infidelity, and much more. Click here for more information.

Relationship Trust Turnaround

If trust is an issue for you or your partner, here’s how to rebuild trust in your relationship or marriage, even after an affair or infidelity. This complete package of information has been carefully chosen to give you all the information and help you’re going to need to start turning trust around and rebuilding your relationship right away. Click here for more info.

Trust Triggerstrust-triggers-graphic95

Trust Triggers are actual things you can say and do that create more trust and connection. Use these audios and Action Guide either with Relationship Trust Turnaround or by themselves to help you move toward the love and trust you've always wanted. Click here to see videos and learn more

What To Do About Your Jealousy If You've Been Cheated On Before Web Audio Cast and Teleseminar

Being cheated on in your past relationships is terrible. Still being Jealous is so damaging to your relationship. These recordings From Susie and Otto's Teleseminar Shows you what do you do about your Jealousy IF you've been cheated on before. Whether you've Been Cheated On In The Past--Either By Your Current Partner or By Someone In a Past Relationship this breakthrough information from Susie and Otto will change your life. Click here for more info

Where There's Smoke There's Fire: How To Tell If Your Man Is A Cheating Liar

"If You Suspect Your Man Might Be Lying To You or Cheating On You - But You Just Can't Prove It Yet..." Then Here's How To Find Out For Sure Click here to find out more

What To Do If He's Looking At And Paying Too Much Attention To Other Women...

If you're a woman who's upset because your partner is looking at or paying too much attention to other women Or if you're a man who's partner is driving you crazy with constant accusations that you're looking at other women all the time (even if you're not)? Then, here's what you can you do right now to STOP it before it drives the two of you further apart and ruins your relationship or marriage... Click here.

Programs if you're considering whether to stay or leave

Are you considering leaving a relationship? Should You Stay or Should You Go? is a book filled with compelling questions and insights to help you make that difficult relationship decision.

Programs For Healing a Broken Heart

How to Heal Your Broken Heart: The Secrets to Getting Over a Relationship Breakup or Divorce

What are the secrets to getting over a relationship break up or divorce? It’s much more than you think. In this new book we show you what it takes to heal a broken, get rid of your pain, let go of the past and move on to a happier more joyful future. For more information, go here

Programs For Attracting Your Perfect Partner

Automatic Attraction Secrets

A step-by-step process for attracting and keeping the love of your life.

Click here to find out more

Red Hot Love Relationships

Whether you’re 18, 80 or anywhere in between…here’s how you can discover the secrets to creating a relationship filled with as much love, passion, intimacy, connection and incredible lovemaking as you want! These 77 New Skills, Ideas and Strategies from Susie and Otto Collins will quickly and easily show you how to turn up the heat in your relationship both in (and out of) the bedroom. To start creating more love, passion in your relationship now click here.

Programs For Men

Light Her Up

The only program of its kind that shows men the love, attention-getting and passion-creating techniques virtually guaranteed to make your woman happy and keep her happy. With the information you’ll learn in “Light Her Up,” your woman will feel so loved by you and so connected to you that she will want to make love with you 2, 3, 5 or 10 times as much as she does now. Click here for info.

Crash Course in Communicating With Women

The breakthrough new program that shows you exactly how to communicate with your woman in ways that will make her feel totally and completely connected to you AND open her heart, mind and body to you in ways she never has.


Visit Click here for info.

Programs For Women

Hypnotize His Heart

This ground-breaking program takes you by the hand and walks you through our best secrets on how to get your man to open his heart and give you the love you've always wanted and deserved to have. Here's how to hypnotize his heart...

Where There's Smoke There's Fire: How To Tell If Your Man Is A Cheating Liar

If You Suspect Your Man Might Be Lying To You or Cheating On You - But You Just Can't Prove It Yet... Then Here's How To Find Out For Sure Click here to find out more

Breakthrough Relationship Coaching


Susie and Otto

Susie and Otto Collins

Imagine how much quicker and easier you could move through your challenges that are keeping you from having the kind of relationship or marriage you really want if you worked with either Susie and Otto Collins as your coach.   Susie and Otto offer in-person or telephone coaching for couples, one person in the relationship or singles. This means that no matter where you live, you can still work with Susie or Otto personally to get your relationship challenges solved and your questions answered right away.” Click here for info.