4 Surprising Ways to Stop Having the Same Argument with Your Spouse

What is that one argument you and your partner have again and again? Is it about money? The best way to parent? How often to have sex? Many couples have (at least) one sticky issue that causes tension and turmoil for them. As much as they try to avoid it or settle it, they can’t. […]

Remove the Landmines from Difficult Conversations with Your Spouse

Have you ever been all stirred up, anxious or irritated about something involving your partner and you could hardly contain yourself? As much as you want to hash this out with your spouse, this seems like it’s a disaster waiting to happen. In the past, it may have seemed like there were “landmines”– surprising explosions […]

How to Pick Up the Pieces and Re-Connect After a Relationship Crash

Have you ever been through a relationship crash? It might have felt like a relatively minor fender-bender. Maybe a disagreement arose between you and your partner that lead to tension, irritation and harsh words spoken. It might have seemed like a full-out crash that seems to demolish you and your relationship. Perhaps one of you […]