How to Create a Million Dollar Marriage

Even though there are individuals who are billionaires today, a million dollars is still a LOT of money. If your income and assets are relatively modest, the idea of having a million dollars in your bank account may boggle your mind. Imagine what it would be like to have an amazing amount of money and, […]

Want More Intimacy? Leave THIS Out of Your Relationship

When Kelly and Jeff became a couple, they each brought unique things to their relationship. Kelly is a massage therapist and enjoys easing the tight spots from Jeff’s shoulders after a long day at work. Jeff is a professional chef and never tires of creating delicious culinary surprises for Kelly each night for dinner. They […]

Remove the Landmines from Difficult Conversations with Your Spouse

Have you ever been all stirred up, anxious or irritated about something involving your partner and you could hardly contain yourself? As much as you want to hash this out with your spouse, this seems like it’s a disaster waiting to happen. In the past, it may have seemed like there were “landmines”– surprising explosions […]

“Am I Just Settling for Less Staying in This Lackluster Marriage?”

After the umpteenth time listening to her complaints about her marriage, Tina’s friends ask her– yet again– why she stays. Tina is beginning to wonder about that herself. To Tina, it seemed unavoidable that her once-spicy relationship with Larry would become dull. After all, they’ve been together for 14 years now. Isn’t this what happens […]

3 Secrets to Getting Closer and Deeper Intimacy

If there’s anything that’s illusive and confusing about intimate relationships (and we realize there’s a lot to be confused about them), it’s that closeness can come and it can go without us really knowing what happened. Here are 3 secrets that we’ve discovered in keeping the spark alive long after the honeymoon in our own […]

How to Create a Closer Connection in Your Marriage or Relationship

What are some of the things we do that get in the way of a close, connected and even passionate relationship or marriage? This is a good question and because we’re always asking ourselves how we can create more of what we want in our own relationship and how we can help facilitate that outcome […]

How Fun and Laughter Can Help Your Marriage

We agree with Cynthia. Cynthia is one of our newsletter subscribers and she suggested that the power of laughter, fun and having a humorous attitude is a great way to keep relationships growing, alive and connected and we totally agree with her. Norman Cousins, in his books Anatomy of an Illness and Head First, proved […]

Relationship Advice for Finding the Time and Energy for a Great Marriage

If there’s one complaint that we hear over and over about the challenges of  marriage, it’s this… “How do you find the time and energy to create and keep a great relationship?” This is such a great question, especially since we all seem to be continually busy and stressed much of the time. Most of […]

Want a Closer Marriage? Try Receiving with Openness

At some time in our lives, we’ve all probably been given a gift that we did not want. Perhaps your aunt gave you an outdated article of clothing that totally clashed with everything you usually wear. You may have politely smiled, said thank you and then promptly donated the clothing to a thrift store. What […]

You’re ‘Needy’: How to Get Your Partner to Respond to You

***QUESTION FROM A READER:  “My biggest frustration in my relationship is that whenever I become even a little needy, I find my partner withdrawing. “If I point this out, he is sweet and makes an effort but his natural instinct is to withdraw. “Also, I want more physical affection other than love-making. I find that […]