8 Essential Get the Spark Back Love Tips

How would describe your marriage? When you think about your partner and the way that you usually feel when you are together, what words come to mind?  Are they words like:  “excited,” “passionate,”  “more alive” and  “can’t get enough of each other?” Or, do you mostly feel… dull bored okay (not thrilled) wondering if this […]

Getting Closer in Your Relationship Starts with You

Distance is deadly to a relationship. We’re not necessarily talking about physical distance when you and your partner live in different parts of the country or even world. We’re talking about EMOTIONAL distance. When emotional distance forms and gets bigger, it blocks intimacy and passion. It turns even minor disagreements into a really big deal. It puts […]

4 Ways to Revolutionize Your Relationship

The word “revolution” is defined in the dictionary as a… Radical change Overthrow Repudiation Thorough replacement These adjectives are pretty intense and even extreme. Historically, revolutions have been marked major upheavals in political and economic systems. Some revolutions, such as the French Revolution that occurred in the late 1700s, were violent too. Why would you […]

The Memory Trick to Bring Back Relationship Spark

Is your relationship boring and dull? Do you long for the days when you felt thrilled and excited to be with your partner? Maybe it just seems inevitable. After all, once two people have been a couple for a period of time, the spark and passion are going to fade, right? Well, maybe. There are […]

Six Spicy Sex Tips for Bored Couples

We don’t think that anybody ever literally died of boredom, but relationships can. Boredom is when you and your partner have settled into a routine and you can’t seem to do anything differently. This routine has its benefits and serves a purpose. If you’re like most people, you and your partner lead busy lives and […]

“Am I Just Settling for Less Staying in This Lackluster Marriage?”

After the umpteenth time listening to her complaints about her marriage, Tina’s friends ask her– yet again– why she stays. Tina is beginning to wonder about that herself. To Tina, it seemed unavoidable that her once-spicy relationship with Larry would become dull. After all, they’ve been together for 14 years now. Isn’t this what happens […]

Growing Apart: Is It “Normal” In Relationships and Marriages?

Here’s a common issue for many people that we wanted to address in this week’s issue of our newsletter… It’s about the question of “do we have to grow apart over the years with people we are in relationships with?” and how do you restore closeness if you do grow apart? We get lots of […]

How Fun and Laughter Can Help Your Marriage

We agree with Cynthia. Cynthia is one of our newsletter subscribers and she suggested that the power of laughter, fun and having a humorous attitude is a great way to keep relationships growing, alive and connected and we totally agree with her. Norman Cousins, in his books Anatomy of an Illness and Head First, proved […]

Keeping the Fire Lit In Your Relationship or Marriage

Here’s an interesting question… Did you ever want to do something and know that it would be good for you but you couldn’t seem to find the energy to actually do it? Most of us have had that dilemma at one time or another in our lives so we’re pretty sure that you know what […]

Marriage Advice for Making Small Changes That Can Make a Difference

Have you ever had a relationship challenge in your marriage where everything you tried just made it worse? Or maybe you just didn’t feel as close to your spouse as you once did and didn’t know where to start? In times like these, we often think something “big” has to happen for us to get […]

The Worst Jealousy Advice Ever Given…

“Want More Passion and Spark in Your Marriage? Try a Little Jealousy!” Anna reads this magazine headline as she stands in line at the grocery store. She starts to wonder if there’s something to this advice. Anna’s husband has been hyper-focused on his career for the past year (or more). While she is proud of […]

3 Ways to Put Desire Back Into Your Marriage

If there’s one thing that can kill a relationship or marriage, it’s when one partner wants more passion, physical attention and touch than their partner wants.Now you might think that it’s the men who want more passion and it the women who tend to lose interest in it over the years but in the “real” […]

Relationship Advice for Falling ‘In Like’ with Your Partner

How much do you truly like the person you are with? Just about everyone in a marriage or love relationship shares a bond or some level of deep feelings with their partner.It might feel like passion or even adoration to you. Or it could be that those excited, alive feelings about your mate have faded a […]

Marriage Help for Creating Marriages that Last and are Filled with Passion

When we talk about the idea of restarting the spark in your marriage or relationship, your initial flinch reaction may be this… “It’s going to be a lot of hard work to do this and it’s serious. We’ll have to really buckle down.” What we’ve noticed about restarting the spark–and we do it each time […]