Dating Success Tips: Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

It’s one of the most frustrating moments a person can have… When you realize that you’ve been in this same spot before in a relationship that crashed and burned, feeling disheartened and wondering if you will ever find love that lasts. You promised yourself that THIS time it would be different. THIS time you won’t […]

Rebuild Trust by Creating No-Fail Agreements with Your Partner

When rebuilding trust with your partner after cheating, lying or some other form of betrayal, having clear agreements is a must. This is a delicate time in your relationship when, hopefully, both of you are working to learn and move forward from whatever happened in the past. It’s likely that you both have different ideas of what […]

Rebuild Trust and Get Respect… Even When Your Partner Resists

There’s no doubt about it– When trust has been damaged and you’re not feeling respected by your partner, you’re probably unhappy. Feeling suspicious, tense or put down much of the time may even seem to be standing in the way of you living the kind of life that you want. This all becomes even more intense […]

Is Infidelity Good for a Relationship?

“Is infidelity good for a relationship?” We were stopped in our tracks when we read this question on a website recently. If you interviewed people on the street and relationship experts in their offices, they’d probably say that, without a doubt, infidelity is NOT a good thing for a love relationship or marriage. If you’ve […]

Ready for a Relationship Miracle?

Jackie is devastated. She knew that her marriage to Craig wasn’t in the best shape, but she had no idea how unhappy and emotionally separated they both felt. When Jackie opened an email from one of Craig’s co-workers, she thought it was about the company’s annual picnic…she was floored when she realized this was the […]

“Can I Ever Forgive Him for Cheating and Breaking My Heart?”

Yvette feels like her heart has been ripped out and stomped on. This is how raw and ragged she has felt since finding out that her husband, Bryan, has been having an affair with another woman. Now that she has confronted Bryan about his cheating and he has broken off the affair and renewed his […]

How to Say “I’m Sorry” After Your Affair

Trying to pick up the pieces of your relationship after you’ve had an affair or betrayed your mate in another way can be difficult. You need to be patient and do whatever it takes to rebuild trust if you want to stay in this relationship. Many times the road to re-connection can start with an […]

Attract Your Perfect Partner…Even if You Have a Jealousy Habit

Are you looking for your perfect match, but jealousy keeps getting in the way? Do you ever feel like your life’s dramas could rival soap opera storylines? Jealousy can make even the most mundane situations explode in a barrage of overwhelming emotion. Fear, worry, anger and more. A jealousy habit can seriously hamper your ability […]

3 Jealousy Tips That Could Save Your Relationship

Every time that Becca’s boyfriend Jason returns home from a business trip, they seem to get into an argument– and that’s a lot because he travels regularly for work. Becca can’t seem to stop her jealous thoughts about Jason having an affair with another woman who lives in a different city. She wants to trust […]

8 Steps to Rebuild Trust After Cheating

If trust in your love relationship has been broken because of infidelity or another betrayal, your situation might feel bleak and even hopeless. You may remember a time when you felt close and connected with this person. Now, that time seems distant. Or it could be that you never felt a strong bond of trust […]

Can You Ever Trust Your Partner Again?

Teri feels horrible. She doesn’t think she could feel any worse than she does right now. Her husband, Clint, admitted that he cheated. He’s temporarily moved out while they each decide what to do next. Other than confessing that, over the course of several months, he had an affair with a woman he works with, […]

Overcome and Eliminate Jealousy after Being Cheated on

How do you stop jealousy if you’ve had a past filled with partners who cheated on you, including your current partner–even though he (or she) is faithful at the present time? >NOTE: Jealousy can ruin a relationship or marriage faster than almost anything. If you’d like some help dealing with your jealousy issues, you might […]

Overcome Jealousy and Mistrust Even if You Were Cheated On Before

***QUESTION FROM A READER: “How can I NOT be suspicious and jealous of my new husband when I was cheated on by past relationships?” >>>Suggestion: If you’ve been cheated on before–either by your current partner or by someone in a past relationship and jealousy is an issue for you… Then we highly suggest that you […]

Strategies to Change Jealous Thoughts

When you’re jealous, you’re usually in such an emotional tailspin that it’s sometimes difficult to know where the jealousy came from. But sometimes you KNOW it came from one or more past relationships where you were lied to and cheated on. Here’s a message from a woman who’s been working on her jealousy stirred up […]

Make Your Apology Count to Rebuild Trust

“He said he’s sorry, but I don’t feel it.” Jennifer is meeting with her best friend for coffee and support. She just found out that her fiancé Sam had a brief affair two years ago (and while they were dating). Even though Jennifer has seen proof that her fiancé ended the affair, she can’t seem […]