Mini-Coaching Sessions with Breakthrough Relationship Coach Amy Phillips-Gary

Are you tired of living and re-living the same relationship and personal problems over and over again? Are you ready for something new, different and BETTER in your life?

It can start NOW with a focused, mini-coaching session.

Amy loves helping and inspiring others. She is a relationship and personal growth coach and has offered support and advice to individuals struggling with issues including:

  • Overcoming jealousy
  • Communicating honestly and openly
  • Attracting a partner
  • Dealing with flirting
  • Reigniting relationship spark
  • Building self esteem and confidence
  • Making the all-important decision about whether to stay in or leave a relationship

Amy also writes relationship and self improvement articles for various websites, including the Personal Growth Planet blog.

Amy is a Breakthrough Relationship Coach certified by Susie and Otto Collins. She has studied various authors and experts in the fields of relationship improvement and personal growth including (but not limited to): Byron Katie, Stephen Covey, Joe Vitale, Pema Chodron and Martha Creek.

In addition to coaching and writing, Amy’s background includes an M.A. in Sociology with a Women’s Studies certificate. During graduate school, she conducted original research on the topic of eating disorders in women. She has also worked extensively in the homeschooling community, facilitating her own sons’ learning for over 10 years.

Her two teenage sons teach her so very much as they learn, grow and emerge into sensitive, loving and self-empowered young men. When she’s not writing, coaching or helping her sons, Amy and her husband can often be found walking their too cute St. Bernard dog Ella around their neighborhood.

Some of Amy’s favorite inspiring quotes are…

An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering.” ~Byron Katie

“…Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” ~ Pema Chodron

If you want to transform your relationship and life and experience the kind of love, connection, abundance and joy you want, click one of the links below to schedule a coaching session today.  You can email Amy at with questions about mini-coaching.


What can a mini-coaching session do for you?

  • Assist you in getting unstuck.
  • Help you re-focus on what’s possible in your life instead of on what’s lacking.
  • Discover new ways to interact with your partner (or a potential partner).
  • Introduce you to more effective communication strategies.
  • Provide clarity about what your best next step can be.

Mini-Coaching Options

Mini-Breakthrough Relationship Coaching sessions by telephone or email with Amy Phillips-Gary, certified Breakthrough Relationship Coach

Option #1
30 minute mini-coaching session with Amy by telephone $40.00

Option #2
3 email coaching exchanges with Amy $40.00 (not including initial email)


Click here for Breakthrough Relationship Mini-Coaching Terms of Service and Policy.

*If you’re looking for more in-depth coaching, Susie and Otto Collins offer breakthrough relationship coaching for couples and singles.  Visit their coaching page for more information.

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