6 Signs that Love Will Thrive in Your Relationship

Are you a worrier? Do you look around at all of the love relationships and marriages that started out so wonderfully and then ended in pain and drama? It can feel like there’s an epidemic of relationships falling apart if you read magazines or surf the internet. It’s natural to want to know what chance […]

Break Free from Relationship Problems

Kim feels trapped. She and her long-time boyfriend Jared have been having the same miserable argument over and over again. They can’t seem to find a solution and things are only getting worse. He insists his friendship with his ex is only that– a friendship– but Kim believes that Jared’s ex is manipulating him and using […]

How NOT to Act if You Want Love That Lasts

If you’ve ever been through a breakup or even a really bad and tense time in your current relationship, you might be asking yourself this question… “What did I do wrong?!”   You may be wondering what you said or did that led you to this place of disappointment, conflict and maybe even heartbreak. What were […]

Why He’s Afraid of Commitment (And What You Can Do About It)

By TW Jackson Commitment. It stands for promise, obligation, and now-and-forever. It’s not a small undertaking, and it shouldn’t be.And contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t at all that men don’t want to commit themselves to the woman of their dreams (because they do), but it is true that it scares their socks off. Check […]

Don’t Let the Big “R” Ruin Your Relationship

If you want to keep your love relationship or marriage healthy and close, here’s something to watch out for because it can cause disconnection and even lead to breakups or divorce… The Big “R.” Is it…. Religion? Rest? Rain? Raccoons? No, it’s none of these. The Big “R” we’re talking about is something that can […]

4 Ways to Bypass the Hazards of Soulmate Relationships

Did you know that soulmate relationships can be hazardous? It happens this way for so many couples in love… Two people meet. Strong chemistry is there. A depth of feeling and a sense of “coming home” is felt by both. They realize that they are soulmates. A love relationship (and, later, maybe marriage) is started. […]

4 Ways to Revolutionize Your Relationship

The word “revolution” is defined in the dictionary as a… Radical change Overthrow Repudiation Thorough replacement These adjectives are pretty intense and even extreme. Historically, revolutions have been marked major upheavals in political and economic systems. Some revolutions, such as the French Revolution that occurred in the late 1700s, were violent too. Why would you […]

Long Distance Love Relationship Success Tips

Janine is sick with worry. Her boyfriend Sam was supposed to call hours ago and she can’t reach him. They’ve been together for 2 years now. The two of them fell in love and then, 6 months later, Sam was offered a job he couldn’t pass up. The drawback to this dream job was that […]

4 Keys to Cope with a Crisis Together

Crises happen. No matter how wonderful your life is, there are times when unexpected and unwanted events occur and throw off everyone involved. It might be a health crisis that lands you, your partner or another family member in the hospital. It could be a natural disaster like a tornado or earthquake that knocks out […]

The Memory Trick to Bring Back Relationship Spark

Is your relationship boring and dull? Do you long for the days when you felt thrilled and excited to be with your partner? Maybe it just seems inevitable. After all, once two people have been a couple for a period of time, the spark and passion are going to fade, right? Well, maybe. There are […]

3 Ways to Balance Work and Relationship…When Work is Your Passion

Jennifer feels torn and guilty. For the first time in her life, she’s doing work that she absolutely loves. She’s had several jobs in the past that merely paid the bills. Now, however, she looks forward to going into the office every day. It’s always stimulating and rewarding. Some days, she is disappointed when 5 […]

The Most Important Question to Ask When You Have the Urge to Get Back Together with Your Ex

Joe hasn’t been able to sleep and he’s lost his appetite since he and his long-term girlfriend, Cheri, broke up– and it’s been over a month since she moved out. The biggest goal for Joe right now is to find a way to convince Cheri to give him a second chance. He regrets the mistakes […]

How to Pick Up the Pieces and Re-Connect After a Relationship Crash

Have you ever been through a relationship crash? It might have felt like a relatively minor fender-bender. Maybe a disagreement arose between you and your partner that lead to tension, irritation and harsh words spoken. It might have seemed like a full-out crash that seems to demolish you and your relationship. Perhaps one of you […]

Relationship Advice For How to Open to Each Other When You’re Fighting…

When the two of you have a difference of opinion–or just don’t seem to be speaking the same language, what happens? One (or both) of you usually gets mad, you fight, you feel hurt and you withdraw into stony silence. One (or both of you) may pick at the other about all kinds of small […]

Relationship Advice for Healing Your Past So You Can Move Into Your Future…

“I don’t care,” has become Carol’s mantra when it comes to men. When she’s out with friends and notices an attractive man and whens he’s home alone on a Saturday night with nothing to do, she tells herself and others, “I don’t care. It’s all cool with me.” But, it’s really not. Carol DOES care– a […]