Relationship Blocks, Barriers and Blunders pt.2

We’ve been talking a lot lately about barriers to love, connection and closeness in your relationships and…

One thing we’ve discovered that’s important  in creating close, connected relationships is not only how we feel about ourselves but also how we feel about our body.

Think about it…

Do you love yourself?

Do you love your body?

Do you like your physical appearance?

These days, almost everyone we talk to wants to look and feel better about their body and the worst part for most people is they let their body and their appearance be a barrier to the love, connection and intimacy that they really want.

Since we want to help you eliminate ALL  barriers to connection and closeness in your relationships, we just HAD to let you know about this…

Our good friend Andrea is a weight loss coach with one of the most fantastic and positive approaches that we’ve ever heard of… and her client success rate is incredible.

What we like about her is her encouraging, heart-centered approach. She used to be  overweight too, so she really “gets it”.

It’s our belief that no matter what your body size or type, you can have the love, passion and connection you really want.

However, if your weight or appearance is an issue for you and …you’re interested in learning a completely different, but proven way to lose weight in time for summer, we  think you will really enjoy the fantastic video  that Andrea posted here:

We know that all of our readers are not necessarily interested in losing weight… but this video is so good, and so right on target,  that we felt like we had to pass it along.

If you’re not interested in losing weight in a conscious, healthy way, but you know someone who is, you might want to forward this to them.

Yes. It’s THAT good.

Here’s the link to that video again:

Don’t allow a poor body image to keep you from the love, passion and connection that you want. Take steps to make a positive change in your life that will lead you to the love and relationships that you want.

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