Relationship Blocks, Barriers and Blunders pt.3

As we’ve been thinking about this topic of relationship blocks, barriers and blunders, we realize that there is no end to the ways we all create blocks and barriers to having what we want in our lives.

We’ve also been thinking about the fact that if you allow it to, anything (and we do mean anything) can be a barrier to love and connection.

It’s been our experience that any “thing” or “person” isn’t what creates the barrier. It’s our thoughts about the “thing” or “person” that separate us from having what we want.

Here’s an example of what we’re talking about:

Recently, a man wrote to us and said…

“One thing I have run across mostly about keeping a relationship or even trying to get one is that I find women are looking for someone who has money or security. I don’t have either and it’s hard to have a relationship. ”

He went on to say…

“A guy has to have money or security to win and keep a relationship. I have found this out 7 times in my life. And now I have not dated in over one and a half years. It just hurts too much to keep trying and know they leave to find someone with money and security.”

While money and security might be important to many women, there are certainly many more women out there who have created their own money and security and don’t need them from their partners.

There are other women who value companionship, love or any number of things higher than money or security when looking for a mate. There are many men in the world who (if asked) would tell you that they don’t have a lot of money but the do have love or a great relationship.

So, just like a lot of people, this man’s thoughts and beliefs are (in our opinion) his own worst enemy. He isn’t questioning them to determine whether they are true or not. He’s allowing his thoughts to keep him from finding and creating the love that he wants.

We’re also guessing that low self-esteem could be a big contributor to his problems as well.

No matter what the reason for his relationship challenges we couldn’t help but wonder…

What if he changed his belief about women and about the possibilities for his future–both in the love AND money departments?

What if he saw possibilities instead of defeat and took steps to move in the direction he wants?

What we would like to suggest to him or anyone who doesn’t have love, relationship or connection you want in your life–change your thoughts and you can remove barriers!

Last night, Susie was with a small group of really vibrant and alive women who were also mothers whose bodies had changed somewhat since their days before having kids. One of the things they talked about was how hard it was to buy a bathing suit these days.

Because they felt like they didn’t have the slim bodies they used to have, buying a bathing suit was intimidating to them. They thought that their bodies were too big in various places–compared to magazine models and younger women.

As they talked, they all agreed that body image comes from your thoughts and beliefs. How you carry yourself and how you present yourself to the world depends on these habitual thoughts and beliefs you tell yourself over and over.

How much we love and accept ourselves depends on how much love and connection we can accept from others.

It’s not whether you have money, a great body, or anything else that allows you to have the love, passion and connection but it’s your thoughts that can open the door to having what you want.

One woman who bought one of our books told us that her negative thoughts had kept her separated from her husband. By keeping a “relationship journal”–writing down the things that were good about her partner and her relationship, she was able to change how she felt about her relationship.

How about you?

What thoughts are keeping you from the love, passion and connection that you want?

As you go about your day and your week, question your thoughts that create distance and negativity inside you and with others.

Test them and really look at them to make sure the thoughts you’re having (and believing) are working for you in creating the relationships and life you want instead of working against you.

Question the blocks that your thinking creates for you. Open yourself to more love and happiness. >

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