Relationship Advice for Getting Ready for Change

The first day of spring is just around the corner and not coming a moment too soon.

Because of the blizzard that dumped up to 20 inches of snow on us in central Ohio a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been up to our ears in snow and now the rains are here. Probably like a lot of you, we’re ready for a change.

Maybe it’s time for a little change in your relationships too!

Sometimes all it takes to create the life or relationships that you really want is to make one simple change.

Sometimes the changes that are required are small and subtle and some times much bigger.

What we’ve discovered is that you are always changing and the issue becomes whether you are changing to what you want more of or less of.

Don’t look outside of yourself for other things and other people to change. Conscious change starts with you and your thoughts.

We’ve found that our thinking (and the kinds of things we think about and focus on) are habits–and if you are in the habit of thinking about what you don’t want, it will keep you stuck.

Believe it or not, it’s just as easy to think about what you do want in your life and your relationships as it is to think about what you don’t want.

Here’s what we mean…

If you’ve read our articles for any length of time, you know that Otto isn’t a “Mr. Fix-it” and neither is Susie. He doesn’t have the interest in learning how to fix things around the house and he’s never learned the skills to do them.

Since getting our previous home ready to sell and moving into our new home, he’s had several opportunities to make some changes in himself so that these jobs get done.

Just like anything that we want to change or improve in our relationships– before any of these odd jobs around the house could be done by Otto, he has had to change.

What he changed were his thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about his abilities and he also asked for the help and support he needed to complete these small jobs–or figure out who to hire.

Remember that things do not change. We change.

If you are wanting to make some changes for the better in your relationship or life, here are some simple tips for making changes:

1. You have to have the motivation to change and you have to believe you can do it . You also have to believe that you deserve what the change could bring you.

2. You have to watch the stories you tell yourself about the change you want to make and not allow them to sabotage your efforts.

3. Figure out whether the voice in your mind is from your fears or for your higher good. Bring yourself into the present moment when a fear or limitation comes up and discover whether this fear is actually true or not–right here, right now.

4. Take a small step toward what you want if the big step is too big.

5. Find your reason(s) that you want to change. Sometimes your reason why may be something as simple as making the decision to say yes to you.

6. Be willing to change and to allow something new in your life. We often get comfortable and fear change, although there may be a feeling inside that is telling us that we want something better.

What do you want to change in your life and relationships?

What we’re really suggesting is that given the right motivation or given the freedom to relax and know that you are always OK no matter what is going on in your life, can you, could you or will you change the small (or not so small) things that keep you from the life and relationships you really want.

We’re guessing that you could.

We all can.

What we’ve found is that in almost every situation…

… Creating what we want is doable with the right thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and actions.

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