Find Love and Create the Relationship of Your Dreams

Have you had it with being single and alone?

Are you tired of romantic encounters that either lead nowhere or lead you places you don’t want to go? Are you ready to share your life and love with the mate of your dreams?

If you answered “yes,” to any of these questions then you are definitely ready for love and a committed relationship. Your readiness may not be the issue though. Attracting that perfect someone may be the challenge for you. Perhaps it seems that everywhere you look there are either no available potential partners or the available ones are undesirable to you.

This can be frustrating and disheartening. If you seriously want to find love and create the relationship of your dreams, we have two words of advice for you…


This might be difficult to hear– and maybe you’ve been told this before– but often the most enduring, passionate relationships develop when the two people involved are not trying so hard to make something happen.

Have you ever lost your car keys and you desperately need to find them? You’ve looked everywhere– under, behind and on top of literally everything you can think of. At a certain point you throw up your hands and give up. Maybe you scrounge up a spare key so that you can get where you’re going. Then, days later when you’ve just about forgotten the lost keys, they miraculously show up right where you swore you looked three times!

Finding love can be like those lost car keys. When you’re working very hard to attract a mate, he or she just doesn’t seem to come. But when you let go and focus in on living your life, that love and relationship is allowed to develop on its own.

Be clear about what you want.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t even think about love, relationships or potential partners? Of course not. In fact, we encourage you to think and dream about what kind of relationship you want. Create in your mind an image of yourself happy and in love with a partner who is a fabulous fit for you. Revel in that image and don’t be afraid to add details to it– particularly details about how you feel when with this person. We want you to dream about this relationship and see yourself actually having it.

Stay open.

While you enjoy this dream relationship you are imagining for yourself, keep an attitude of openness. Perhaps you find yourself attracted to someone but he or she doesn’t exactly fit what you’ve pictured in your mind. Follow your feelings. Are your emotions pointing in the direction of how you feel in your dream relationship? If so, that’s an encouraging sign!

Be patient too. If you are aren’t necessarily knocked off your feet by this new person in your life, then perhaps you’ll choose to move on. On the other hand, if you are enjoying yourself with the person, you might decide to keep having fun and not worry about the long term. You never know when you’ll be surprised by the shifts and changes in how you feel or how a friendship might transform. Worst case scenario may be that you’ll end up with a friend who is fun to spend time with.

Stay present.

When you can stay present in this moment you are living, you can fully appreciate the gems around you right here, right now. You may not be in love at the moment and you may not be in any romantic relationship at all. But you can still find things to enjoy and feel happy about.

As you are present, you can also tune in to the people who are already in your life. Perhaps there is unacknowledged chemistry between you and someone you’ve known for many years and you’ve just never noticed it because you’ve always looked for love elsewhere.

You can maintain that dream image of what you want and still stay awake and aware of this very moment which is filled with precious gifts. Have fun and allow love to come to you!

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