Relationship Advice for Attracting the Love of Your Life…

You might be sure that you want to attract a fabulous, passionate love relationship. You may have even told friends, family, co-workers and anyone who would listen to you that what you want most is to meet, fall in love with and then spend your life with the perfect partner for you.

But… As certain as you are that you want love, you might be preventing it from happening.

You could be going about your usual life, desiring a love relationship, and blocking the very thing you want without even realizing it.

We all have habits and manners of speaking, acting, working, eating and living that we’ve fallen into over the course of our lives.  Sometimes our habits are so tailored to how we’ve always been, there is no room for changes or new developments– even if they are changes we really want to happen.

For example, you might be a very busy person. You could have an overly full calendar which includes: your bowling league with friends, volunteer hours at the dog shelter, extra time regularly put in at the office, yard work you do for your elderly aunt and more.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these activities. It’s wonderful to spend time with people you care about and to do things that matter to you.

However, if your days (and maybe even nights too) are crammed, is there room for the kind of love relationship you want?

What would happen if you met your perfect partner tomorrow? Would there be space– in terms of your time and energy– for you to put into creating a relationship with this person?

We are not suggesting that you cancel your time with friends and family or that you drop work and volunteer responsibilities and sit home alone waiting for some great man or woman of your dreams to just show up.

That’s not to your benefit either.

Instead, we recommend that you take a step back, look at how you’re living your life and ask yourself if there’s space right now for the right person for you.

Remember what you want.

As you consider our suggestion to assess how much (or how little) space there is in your life for love, we urge you to keep this question in mind: “What do I truly want?”

It’s a very simple question that is loaded with a lot of potential.

When you know clearly what you do want in a relationship, in a partner and for your overall life, making choices gets somewhat easier. Without labeling what you want as either “good” or “bad” and setting aside any “shoulds” and “have to’s,” give some thought to what you truly want in a love relationship.

— Do you want to be in a committed relationship that leads to marriage one day?
— Do you want to be in a committed relationship that does not include marriage?
— Do you want a passionate love relationship that is more casual with less of a commitment?

The level of commitment is just one issue to consider. Without boxing yourself in by being too specific, get a clear sense of what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Where is there a lack of space?

Next, observe your life as it is now. Be as objective as you can and notice where there isn’t much room.

This could be the size of your dinner table. Let’s say, for example, you would like to be in a committed relationship, maybe even marriage at some point. Yet, you live in a tiny apartment and you eat your meals at a small table that’s covered in books, mail, magazines and such.

Where will your perfect partner sit and share a meal with you?

It might sound silly, but look for those places where you aren’t allowing space for a relationship to exist. Look at the material conditions of your life and look at your schedule and how you spend your time.

This is NOT an invitation to get down on yourself for having a messy or small dinner table, by the way. This is all about you identifying those places in your life where there isn’t much room.

How can you create more room for your perfect partner?

Making more space is a next step you could take. After recognizing where there’s a lack of space, begin to create more room in an authentic way.

You don’t need to run out and purchase a king-sized bed, giant  dinner table or three bedroom home. That’s NOT what we mean.

Think about some simple and expansive things you can change about how you live your life. Start to create more room for love that fits with where you are now.

This might mean that you stack your mail somewhere other than your dinner table– or that you sort through it and recycle what you don’t absolutely need to keep. You could get a second chair and maybe even a second placemat and put them at the table too.

Use whatever space-creating action you choose as a way to get more excited (and stay excited) about the partner you are on your way to attracting. Know that you are literally moving yourself closer to love.

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