Relationship Advice for Reversing Directions

 Have you ever been talking to someone you love and your mind wanders and you’re not really present?

Have you ever mumbled “uh um” while a love one was talking to you but you weren’t paying attention because you were on the computer, watching television or doing something else?

Or has a loved one mumbled a reply to you and you just knew that he or she wasn’t listening?

Whether it’s your partner, your children, a co-worker, or a friend—from time to time many of us allow our attention to wander onto other things and we don’t really listen to them. It’s also something that we can experience from other people.

Whether it’s you or someone else, this lack of attention can translate to “you don’t really care” and “I’m not important to you” regardless of whether this is the message we intend or want to give.

Our lack of presence can inadvertently create distance, separation and misunderstanding and we don’t even realize that it’s happening.

The Relationship Reverse

Sometimes, we have to reverse direction and make some shifts in what we’re thinking and doing in order to create the love and relationships that we want.
When you make a relationship reverse, you first have to reverse your thinking and then reverse, shift or change your actions that are taking you away from what you really want.

When you make these shifts, suddenly your relationship starts working better, your communication is better and you’re feeling closer and more connected to your partner. You might even wonder “why didn’t we do this before?”

How do you reverse not being present?

Staying in the present moment is possibly one of the hardest skills to learn but it’s also one of the most important.

What’s been helpful for us has been to remind ourselves that the other person is important and what he or she is sharing is important—and to be honest if we don’t have the time to talk at that moment.

Stop multi-tasking, whether it’s in your mind or actually doing something else, and simply “be” with the other person. If you do, you’ll feel calmer, more centered and more open to what the other person is saying.

If someone is not being present when you are talking, don’t be afraid to ask for his or her attention in a loving way.

No matter how close and connected you are with your partner, we’re willing to bet there are some things you can reverse quickly and easily to make your life much better, starting today.

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