Wedding Ideas To Create A Ceremony to Remember

Looking for ideas to make your wedding unique and special?  Read this…

“My husband and I just got married and our wedding was perfect!! At least perfect for us! We debated eloping but decided that we might have more regrets about not including people than we would about including people.

“We found a small church that fit the size of our family and close friends. And it was a church that felt right to us and did not have too much of an administrative structure to it. My best friend, who is a minister in another state, was able to perform the ceremony for us.

“We wrote our own ceremony — which was challenging to do but actually brought us closer. In the ceremony we each read a poem that we had picked out for the other person. And, we each made a personal statement before we said our vows. That was kind of difficult but it was also very powerful to do that in front of the people that we are closest to. (Before we got married, we wrote our own pre-nuptial agreement — again, it was challenging but really brought us closer in our understanding of each other.)

“Some of the romantic touches were that my husband picked out my bouquet of flowers for me and he decorated the church with flowers as a surprise for me. Also, he picked out the music for the ceremony and picked songs that touched everyone’s heart (Beloved by Ben Harper as the processional and So Amazing by Luther Van Dross as the recessional).

“After the ceremony, we had dinner with our guests at my favorite restaurant (which is important to me because I love food!). Then the families and friends gathered for a simple party in the hospitality room of a hotel.

“It was a simple day that reflected our personalities and gave us the chance to share our love with the people that we are closest to. We both planned it together so it took teamwork and gave us the opportunity to deepen our partnership. We kept it simple so that we could totally enjoy the day — which we did. Maybe it’s not the most unique wedding story that you will get but I think it’s a good reflection of how you can design your day to be what will allow you and your spouse to be joyful and to soar!”

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