Wedding Ideas To Create A Day to Remember

Here is a creative, unique and very loving wedding that this couple will always remember…

“My husband and I got married in a Borders Bookstore which is where we met at a writing group. It was a Sunday evening, an hour before closing. There were 300 of our guests in attendance plus a bunch of curious customers.

“There was no officiant at the ceremony because in Pennsylvania, under Quaker Law, you can marry yourselves wwith an exchange of something. Very traditionally, we exchanged rings. The ceremony also included traditions of many cultures, each introduced by a friend from that place. We drank from a 2-handled cup a la French tradition; jumped a broom, an African observation; and we stood under a Chuppah, a Jewish ritual from my heritage.

“I wore a red gown because that color makes me feel bold, empowered and happy. My husband wore a kilt- partly because of his British Isles ancestors and partly because he always wanted to. We were led in to the ceremony by bagpipers. Basically, we did what we wanted… didn’t let anyone influence our choices… and had a ball.

“At the reception we served wedding cake and champagne in the cafe area of the store. Because my husband is in the business, we also had plenty of water ice for all. Music was provided by our favorite alternative bluegrass band. We also had lots of entertainment because we wanted the wedding to be as much for for others as it was for us: a roving magician, jugglers, a palm reader, spin art, jigsaw puzzles with our photos, and on and on. There was even a cash register open so people could buy books, music, and magazines.

“Our fairy tale wedding was featured in many local newspapers as well as one national magazine, thanks to press releases the store’s community events coordinator sent to the media. And, according to my husband, our wedding video is the best one ever – it’s the 30 second news clip that ran on the local 11 o’clock newscast the night of our wedding!”
Bonnie Neubauer and Gil Seagraves
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