How to Tell if Your Partner is Cheating

When we first started offering our program for stopping jealousy called “No More Jealousy,” we didn’t realize that cheating in our culture was as big of an issue and problem as it is.

Now of course, we know that many men and women in committed relationships don’t cheat.

But many ARE cheating and have cheated and it’s a tragedy.

If you are happy in your relationship and cheating isn’t an issue for you, we congratulate you both.

Keep doing what you’re doing to stay connected.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, If you are suspicious of your partner, take some action to find out the truth.

Suspicion can destroy a relationship as deeply as actual cheating can.

Constant jealousy and nagging questions can drive a wedge between the two of you whether your partner is guilty of what you fear or not.

If you’re suspicious and you want to save your relationship, your job is to stop yourself from going into the emotional tailspin of sabotaging thoughts and behavior.

Then become the objective observer and start documenting what’s going on.

We go into detail about how to get your emotions under control so you can be the objective observer in our new course “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire: How to Tell if Your Man’s a Cheating Liar.”

(Although we wrote this for women, there’s a lot of good information for men here also.)

One thing is clear from reading the stories from many of you about how and why cheating happens (and yes, there were some stories about how women cheated as well)…

When the cheaters of both gender were asked if they were cheating, most said “no.”

That’s why if you’re suspicious that your partner is lying or cheating, you probably will not get a straight, honest answer.

You have to do your homework first.

If you fear the worst is happening in your relationship, don’t sit on that fear because it will only grow.

Have the courage to take some steps toward discovering what’s really going on.



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