How to Tell if Your Partner is Cheating

When we first started offering our program for stopping jealousy called “No More Jealousy,” we didn’t realize that cheating in our culture was as big of an issue and problem as it is. Now of course, we know that many men and women in committed relationships don’t cheat. But many ARE cheating and have cheated […]

“HELP! I’m Tempted to Cheat!”

Christy has always considered herself to be a loyal and devoted wife to her husband Pete. Once they started dating, she hardly gave good looking guys a second glance– not interested. She’s always assumed that she and Pete would be together for the rest of their lives. Until last month. While Christy was at an […]

Ready for a Relationship Miracle?

Jackie is devastated. She knew that her marriage to Craig wasn’t in the best shape, but she had no idea how unhappy and emotionally separated they both felt. When Jackie opened an email from one of Craig’s co-workers, she thought it was about the company’s annual picnic…she was floored when she realized this was the […]

Rebuild Trust with Your Cheating Partner…When There’s a Child Involved

Cheating hurts. It hurts to feel betrayed and it damages relationship trust and connection. When your partner has an affair, it can leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about your partner, yourself and your relationship. When a child is involved, cheating becomes that much more difficult and destructive. Jason genuinely regrets that he […]

“Can I Ever Forgive Him for Cheating and Breaking My Heart?”

Yvette feels like her heart has been ripped out and stomped on. This is how raw and ragged she has felt since finding out that her husband, Bryan, has been having an affair with another woman. Now that she has confronted Bryan about his cheating and he has broken off the affair and renewed his […]

8 Steps to Rebuild Trust After Cheating

If trust in your love relationship has been broken because of infidelity or another betrayal, your situation might feel bleak and even hopeless. You may remember a time when you felt close and connected with this person. Now, that time seems distant. Or it could be that you never felt a strong bond of trust […]

Can You Ever Trust Your Partner Again?

Teri feels horrible. She doesn’t think she could feel any worse than she does right now. Her husband, Clint, admitted that he cheated. He’s temporarily moved out while they each decide what to do next. Other than confessing that, over the course of several months, he had an affair with a woman he works with, […]

3 Signs that It’s Safe to Trust Again After Your Partner Cheats

Jennifer is unsure. She doesn’t know if giving her boyfriend a second chance after he cheated was a good idea. Her mother and sister call her naive and her friends have told her their concerns as well. It seems that everyone around Jennifer thinks she’s making a big mistake. They’re worried that she’ll get hurt […]

What Does This Mean For your Marriage if you think your wife is cheating?

A cheating wife doesn’t always mean that your marriage is over but if your wife is cheating or you suspect that she is cheating-then whether you realize it or not your marriage is in serious trouble.If your wife is cheating it can mean several things and the most important is that she is not getting […]