Divorce and Kids: The one question you need ask yourself about the children when considering divorce

When one or both people in a marriage are considering a divorce where there are children involved, one of the biggest concerns is typically–“What about the children if there’s a divorce? What’s best for them?”These are great questions and ones that really need serious attention when considering divorce.

Because we’re relationship coaches and authors of the best-selling book “Should You Stay or Should You Go?” we’ve gotten to know the stories of hundreds of couples who were in the middle of trying to make the best decision possible about whether to divorce or not.

When a marriage is in trouble, some people try to do whatever they can to avoid letting the children know just how bad the situation is between the two parents and it can be quite a shock to the kids when they realize how bad things are between their parents.

What we’ve discovered is that when a marriage is in trouble– more often than not– the kids know. Even if they don’t truly know how bad the situation is, they often suspect that something isn’t quite right.

Some people try to make the divorce decision largely based on guilt. Others make the divorce decision based on blind faith. Other people make the divorce decision based on the question of “how will it look to others” if we don’t stay together.

There are hundreds of questions that need to be considered when making the decision about whether to stay in or leave a marriage especially when there are children involved.

Believe us when we say that making this decision is never easy and one of the biggest areas of internal conflict within the people and couples trying to decide whether to divorce or not is about the children and what is best for them.

What we have discovered is that children are more intuitive that most people think and they are also more resilient than most people think.

One of the most important questions that you could ever ask yourself if you have young children is this–Will they see a better example of love in action if you stay together or if you divorce?

This is a question that needs the answer to come from your heart and not your head. The answer to this question needs to come from you and not from your upbringing or your programming of the past.

There’s certainly not a guarantee written anywhere that love is always better the second (or any other) time around.

Your possibilities of being in a happy harmonious marriage or love relationship for the most part depend on your ability to choose the right person and your and your partner’s ability to work through any and all challenges and conflict that comes up.

Raising kids can be challenging enough by itself. Whatever you decide about whether to stay in or leave your marriage should be done with honesty and grace.

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