How to Handle Those Mixed Marriage Breakup Messages

“We’re splitting up…I think,” Elizabeth finds herself telling friends and family when they ask about how things are going between she and her husband Jared. Since 3 months ago when Jared announced to Elizabeth that he doesn’t love her anymore and he wants a divorce, life has felt chaotic and draining. Elizabeth did not want […]

How to Move Beyond Feeling “Torn Apart” After the Divorce

You might be feeling “torn apart” after your  divorce. Perhaps it was a huge surprise to you. You truly had no idea that your partner was going to end your marriage. Even if you could see the breakup coming and it wasn’t a surprise, it’s likely that you still feel broken-hearted. As much as you […]

The 7 Emotional Phases of Divorce

by Debbie Burgin Divorce, though often an ugly process, isn’t always an emotional death sentence, and regardless of who we are, or what we do, we all go through the same emotional turmoil to varying degrees when it comes to divorce.At first, going through the divorce process feels as though you’ve taken a size 12 […]

Your Child and Divorce: How You are Communicating Before, During or After about Your Divorce

by Madeline Binder The purpose of this article is to bring to your attention how we really communicate with our children and what you can do to help your children before, during or after divorce. Divorce doesn’t just happen. Whether your struggles have been silent, behind closed doors or in front of your children, they […]

Divorce and Kids: The one question you need ask yourself about the children when considering divorce

When one or both people in a marriage are considering a divorce where there are children involved, one of the biggest concerns is typically–“What about the children if there’s a divorce? What’s best for them?”These are great questions and ones that really need serious attention when considering divorce. Because we’re relationship coaches and authors of […]

Healing from a Divorce: Deal with the Roles You Played in Your Marriage and After

Do you tend to be the victim? When thinking back to your current or recently ended marriage, you may tend to see yourself as vicitimized by your ex. It could have been emotional, physical or even sexual abuse.Or perhaps it was a more subtle feeling of the other person being an aggressor over you.The victim/aggressor […]

Take Your Share of the Responsibility for the Relationship–no more and no less

When a relationship experiences challenges, very often we want to assign fault and blame. When you are in a healthy relationship with another person, both people are equally responsible for the relationship.If a relationship isn’t working, the same thing applies. No matter who appears to be at fault when challenges come up or the relationship […]

Turn from the Past and Look Toward the Future …YOUR Future

Sometimes after a separation or divorce, we find ourselves dwelling in the past, our thoughts consumed with that other person.You will begin to heal when you start thinking and writing about what you want for your life.After Susie’s husband of 30 years left their marriage, she found herself thinking about him, wondering how he was […]