Relationship Advice if You’ve Broken Up Over Jealousy

If you’ve ever suffered a break up because of your jealousy or even worried about your relationship ending because you can’t seem to control yourself…

You’re not alone.

We hear from people ever day who either worry that their relationship is ending because of their bouts with jealousy or their relationship has ended and they don’t know what to do.

What we know for sure is that jealousy doesn’t have to be the reason that relationships die–and you can take action so it doesn’t happen to you again.

If you haven’t gotten our No More Jealousy course yet and are worried that your relationship will end because of it.

Even if your jealousy has caused a break up, start healing now by checking out our program.

One person who bought the program said this about it…

“Words can describe how your CD and book have helped me…. I never realized how deeply hurt I am… Your words are as if you are speaking to me directly.”

Here’s a question from one of our readers and our answer to her and to anyone faced with this kind of challenge…

<<Question from Reader>>

“For the last month I have been receiving and reading the newsletters on jealousy and it has really taught me a lot so far.

“I have a few questions though–My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday after a 3 year relationship. I feel as though it was all my fault because I couldn’t control my jealousy, my insecurities and overall the exhaustion our relationship had come to.

“He says he needs to find out who he is. I read the newsletter that you send out today (Relationship Secrets For Women ) and it really helped me realize that maybe this is the right thing to do for now.

“I just am searching for advice. In your opinion, do you think it is completely over if the only thing tearing the relationship down was that we didn’t know ourselves?”

<<Our Answer>>

Anytime a break up happens, it’s very upsetting and it’s especially upsetting when you think the break up could have been prevented if jealousy wasn’t part of the picture.

Here’s the thing…

This is your wake up call to heal your jealousy and start feeling better about yourself.

We can’t emphasize this enough that whether the two of you get back together–or not…

Take this as a sign to that it’s time to take some action steps to heal jealousy once and for all.

Your question is an interesting one…

“Do you think it is completely over if the only thing tearing the relationship down was that we didn’t know ourselves?”

Here’s our take on why your boyfriend feels like he needs to find out who he is. Keep in mind that we don’t know for sure but when someone says this kind of thing, here’s what he might mean…

It means that he has tried to act in ways to keep you from being jealous and has not acted from the heart of who he is necessarily.

That doesn’t mean that he wants to cheat or do things to hurt you.

It just means that your jealousy has set the “rules” in your relationship and he has tried to keep the peace by acting within those rules but it hasn’t been enough–and he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

We’re guessing that you don’t know who you are without the jealousy either.

So take this opportunity to find out who you are and start healing yourself–and give him time to find out who he is.

Do we think it’s completely over?

Of course we can’t say–that will depend on your love for each other, your desire to be together and the extent that you both can heal so you can create a healthier relationship.

If you are in a similar situation as our reader, take action to start healing now. Get one of our courses, or look back over the free advice we’ve sent you and take action today.

Jealousy and mistrust issues can be very painful for both of you and if you run up against a brick wall, we offer quite a few resources that you will probably find helpful….check them out here…

For some great ideas for overcoming jealousy, get our free ebook “7 Jealousy Stopping Secrets.”


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