Is Your Jealousy Driving Him Away? 5 Ways to Know…

There’s a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and it’s not because of something you ate. You know that your questions, comments and voiced concerns to your guy often come from jealousy. An almost-constant stream of worries and fears run through your mind and you’re afraid that this is turning him off and pushing him […]

Is Jealousy Really SO Terrible?

What do you tell yourself when you feel jealous? “Everybody gets jealous.” “A ‘little’ jealousy is good for my relationship.” “I’ve got this jealousy thing under control.” “Jealousy only shows my partner how much I care.” “Jealousy really isn’t so terrible!”  You try to convince yourself that the worried, angry, insecure and upset way you […]

5 Phrases to Say When You Feel Jealous

What happens to you when you are jealous? Do you get angry and your face turns beet red or do you freeze and withdraw into yourself?  Maybe you feel something completely different than this. Chances are, a physical reaction that may range from uncomfortable to completely unbearable comes with your jealousy. You probably want to say something […]

The Self Esteem Fix for Jealousy

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a fix for your jealousy? If you could do one thing that would free you from the worry, turmoil and torment that you go through because of your jealousy, would you do it? We’re not promising you a quick fix and we can’t guarantee that after you do […]

Jealousy Help When Your Partner Pulls Away

Have you ever been in the upsetting and jealousy-triggering place of feeling like your partner has pulled away from you? When your partner seems distant or distracted, it can seem like a huge rejection. Your jealous mind turns whatever your partner is (or isn’t) saying or doing into a sign that something is wrong. Trisha […]

A Way Out of Your Biggest Jealousy Argument

Jeremy doesn’t see why his girlfriend Karen still keeps in close contact with her ex. Karen and her ex don’t have kids together and there is no good reason that Jeremy can see for them to text and call one another on a regular basis. Karen disagrees. When she and her ex broke up, their […]

3 Ways to Respond to Your Partner’s Jealous Meltdown

Jenny can’t stand it when her boyfriend Chris gets jealous. He is a very intense guy which is great when he’s happy. He can be the life of the party and so much fun to be around. But, when he gets jealous, Chris explodes. She wants to literally run and hide even though Chris has […]

Help When You’re Jealous of Your Partner’s Ex

 Liz is outraged!   Her husband’s ex has been causing trouble– again– in her marriage.  Liz’s husband, Andy, tries to ignore the daily text messages, phone calls and emailed photos he gets from his ex-wife.   Andy’s strategy is to not stir up any trouble and only deal with his ex when there is an issue […]

What to Do When Your Jealousy is Justified!

There are many occasions when a person has developed a jealous habit and sees his or her current relationship through the lens of jealousy. It seems that no matter how “innocent” this person’s partner is, betrayal or threat is perceived by the jealous person at every turn. Both the person who is jealous and his […]

3 Jealousy Tips That Could Save Your Relationship

Every time that Becca’s boyfriend Jason returns home from a business trip, they seem to get into an argument– and that’s a lot because he travels regularly for work. Becca can’t seem to stop her jealous thoughts about Jason having an affair with another woman who lives in a different city. She wants to trust […]

3 Ways to Calm Your Jealous Fears

“Who is he with right now?” “What is she doing?” “I bet she’s talking, laughing and who knows what else with that guy!” “He always flirts when he’s had too much to drink. He’s going to end up cheating, I just know it…” Your jealous thoughts– that might be similar to these– can seem torturous. […]

“Will I Always Be Jealous?”

It can feel like a scene in a horror movie. After a lot of tension, stress, fear and hard work, the monster has been vanquished… or so the protagonists believe. Just when they sigh and let down their guard, it arises again. This time the monster seems even stronger and more menacing than before! In […]

Jealousy: Stop Nagging and the ‘Stupid’ Questions

How do you stop destructive behavior, nagging, and repetitive, “stupid” questions when you are jealous? This is such a great question and… If jealousy is keeping you, your partner or anyone you know stuck in behavior that you’re not proud of, or keeping you from the love and relationship you really want we suggest that […]

Jealousy: How Much Should You Tell Your Partner?

His jealousy is getting better……But should he tell her about this? Here’s the thing… Sometimes, jealousy can really cloud your thinking… In fact, if jealousy is an issue for you in your relationship or marriage, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you to hear us say that jealousy is something that can ruin […]

Relationship Advice: What to do when jealousy sneaks up on you

Okay, so you’re sitting with friends minding your own business when all of a sudden, you think you see something out of the corner of your eye, you get a sick feeling in your gut and jealousy slams you in the back once again. Jealousy sneaked up on you, you lost control, made a fool […]