Strategies to Change Jealous Thoughts

When you’re jealous, you’re usually in such an emotional tailspin that it’s sometimes difficult to know where the jealousy came from.

But sometimes you KNOW it came from one or more past relationships where you were lied to and cheated on.

Here’s a message from a woman who’s been working on her jealousy stirred up by past relationships and doing all the “right” things to get over it…

“I have been married to my terrific husband for 17 years, and we both were married before. So, we have a blended family….kids are pretty much grown now…empty nest in about 2 years, which makes us think more about our marriage!

“It was hard enough learning how to make a “step-family” (his, hers, and ours) work, and now….soon, it will be just us! That will something new for us to learn as well, being just “us”. We both are hoping for it to be blessed with everything that you both have!

“I had bought your jealousy tapes and loved them and can’t tell you how much they have helped me! We both had ex-spouses hurt us, so we have had to deal with jealousy issues…and still do, but it is mainly ME being the jealous one.

“I sometimes, just listen to your tapes, and follow your steps and they really do help me. I have learned to pray for God to help me keep my mind straight and to focus on how wonderful my husband is, on top of your steps, does work! Just wish the “silly” thoughts would go away all together. I guess it takes time.”


Good for you for taking action (and keep taking action) to get rid of jealousy from your life!

It does take time to move from being very jealous to having no jealous thoughts at all–because after all, those jealous thoughts didn’t get created over night and they probably won’t leave overnight either.

With that being said, there are some things you can do right now to keep moving in the “right” direction…

1. Take notice and congratulate yourself everytime you aren’t jealous when you might have been several months ago. Often times when jealousy has ruled your life, you focus on those jealous thoughts every time they come up.

Switch it around and focus on your “non-jealous” thoughts. Every time you appreciate something about your partner, take note.

Even keep a notebook handy to keep track of your results so you can refer to them often when those “silly” thoughts come up.

2. Replace your jealous thoughts with what you want for your present and future. What we’re talking about is pulling your attention from the past and what happened to the present moment.

Every moment, we make a decision how we want to be in this world and you can make that decision to be either mired in jealousy or in love.

It is a choice and we urge you to keep choosing love.

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