How to Deal with Jealousy of Other Women

When jealousy strikes, no matter what the cause or the target, it can certainly play havoc in your life.

Here’s “Karen’s” question…

“I wanted to contact you because I’m not jealous or with a jealous partner. My jealousy problem lies with being jealous of other people especially women. I HATE it and I pray and pray about it, but I still deal with it every day. I know that jealousy, resentment and unforgiveness will rot my soul, and I want to be free of these horrible, ugly characteristics. Thank you for your help.”

Our Answer…

Hi Karen– first of all we’re confused.

At first you say you’re not jealous and then you go on to describe how your jealousy problem lies with other women…

Which is it?

Do you think you’re jealous or not?

Your brief email to us suggests than you really are jealous.

If you’re anything like you are saying, we can certainly understand why you “hate it.”

We don’t know whether jealousy is going to “rot your soul” or not (that’s pretty extreme don’t you think?) but just you telling us this gives us a pretty good feeling about how fed up you are with it.

Like you said, you hate it–pray about it but it still comes up.

While we know that prayer can be very powerful and change any aspect of anyone’s life–we also know that you have to put “legs on your prayers” as Otto’s dad always told him to do.

You’re going to need some strategies to overcome jealousy that really work to help you–and we’re going to give you some in a moment but first…

Please know that hundreds of people have been helped by our detailed way to stop jealousy available here…

The number one thing we’d recommend you do immediately is stop beating yourself up for your jealous thoughts. Just stop it!

Beating yourself up will not help because if you are beating yourself up, you will feel even worse about yourself.

Believe it or not, beating yourself up is feeding your jealousy and helping you to feel even more envious of others–especially other women who don’t appear to have this problem–or who appear more successful, more beautiful or more whatever than you.

So make a pact with yourself that you will stop berating yourself.

Got it?

Okay–so what do you do instead of berating yourself to stop jealousy?

You have to start finding a way to like something–anything about yourself.

You’re probably saying to right now that you can’t find anything to like about yourself–and how will that help anyway. If you can’t find anything to like about yourself, start focusing on something you’d like to learn or accomplish.

When you take your focus away from how bad you are and how much other people, especially other women, have over you–and start to focus on something that you’d like for your future, you’ll find that your jealousy will fade away.

Jealousy is a habit–a habitual way of thinking and acting–and can be changed. Take the first step today and make this very important change in your life!

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