Marriage Advice for Creating Automatic Attraction with Your Spouse

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and the person you most want to be attracted to you (especially your current partner, spouse or lover) is head over heels in love with you and you really feel it at deep level?

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or not…

Wouldn’t that be pretty wonderful?

Well–unfortunately, there is no “magic wand” that we know of.

But we do know some ways to create what we call “automatic attraction.”

We’re going to share some of them here and…

One of those ways is to use the right words in the right ways–words that create “automatic attraction,” more trust and the feeling of being loved, honored and appreciated in your most important relationships.

The right words really can make ALL the difference in your communication and connection.

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So what is “automatic attraction” and how do you create it?

It might sound complicated but it really isn’t.

One of our teachers explained it this way…

In order to create what you want in your life, you have to set up the conditions so that what you want happens automatically.

We’ll use weight loss as an example for how to do this and then we’ll give you an example about relationships to further bring the point home…

While we’re certainly not experts on weight loss–we can tell you that if you want to lose weight, it’s just like what you have to do to create an outstanding relationship.

You can do it much easier if you start doing things that make it “automatic.”

For example…

If you set up conditions like these–

Going to the gym and working out with a trainer 3 days a week, doing 30 minutes of exercise on the other days, eating smaller portions, and not eating sweets and certain other foods–you’ll probably lose weight.

If you do those things (or whatever conditions you put in place) and keep doing them, it’s almost automatic that you will lose weight.

How about relationships?

We think one of the biggest keys to creating a long-lasting, close relationship is keeping attraction alive between the two of you.

And if your perfect partner hasn’t come into your life, you may be looking for that attraction or “spark” that tells you that he or she is “the one” when you meet someone new.

So attraction is big–whether you’re single or in a relationship with someone.

As we were thinking about attraction and setting up conditions for making it automatic, we asked ourselves how we do it in our relationship.

What do we do to keep our attraction alive throughout the years and make it almost seem automatic?

Here are some of the “conditions” we’ve set in place that continues to keep us attracted to each other that you can use whether you’re with someone right now or not…

(These things may seem pretty simple but don’t be deceived into thinking that they aren’t powerful to keep attraction alive and well!)

1. Greet each other as if we are very special to one another (which we are).

This isn’t always easy and sometimes we (like a lot of people) forget to greet each other as if the other is special.

Here’s an example for you to see how the smallest of things can make the biggest of differences in the love and connection…

The other day Otto was out running errands and he called Susie to ask if she wanted anything from the store.

When he called, she was preoccupied and when she saw it was him on caller ID, she just said “yeah” in a dead-pan voice as she answered the phone.


Otto felt like he was treated worse than a stranger and all he said was…

“I’ll call back.”

Then he hung up the phone and immediately called back a 2nd time…

Susie got the message loud and clear.

When she answered the second time, she spoke in such a way that he knew he was special.

This seems like such a small thing but it’s so HUGE…in relationship.

Now you tell us…

Which promotes automatic attraction–a cold, distant “yeah” when your spouse or partner calls…

or a warm, loving greeting?

We AND you both know the answer.

It’s the warm, loving greeting.

And the weird thing about this is…

The warm, loving greeting certainly isn’t fake and doesn’t take any longer to do.

What we’re encouraging you to do is…

Set up the condition that you remember that your beloved is your beloved–no matter how busy or preoccupied you are.

And if you are not currently with a partner, treat a loved one in the same way we’re talking about.

You’ll be amazed what happens in your life.

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Another thing you can do to start creating “automatic attraction” is…

2. Stop yourself before you make up untrue stories about your beloved (or anyone else you want to attract to you) and just listen.

It’s so easy to fall into the “bad” habit of viewing everyone, especially your loved ones, from your perspective.

And when you do that, you make up stories that may or may not be true about what he or she is thinking and feeling.

Even if you’re very much in love and consider yourselves “soul mates,” you can’t possibly assume to know what your partner is thinking and feeling.

Attraction stops when you start assuming.

When you start assuming, the other person either withdraws or gets angry.

So which do you want?

Your beloved or another to come toward you or to pull away from you?

Learning to listen without an agenda is one condition to put in place that will bring you closer.

Listening without an agenda just takes a little practice and telling your mind to be quiet now and just pay attention to the other person.

It’s also telling yourself that you still have choice even though you are listening to someone else.

Creating conditions that will set the stage for automatic attraction is not as impossible as it may seem.

Does it ensure that your relationship will be exactly what you want?

…Like maybe you want more romance and your partner doesn’t seem to want it?

Well, remember we said that we don’t have a magic wand–but you certainly aren’t out anything if you start thinking about this idea and trying out setting some conditions.

Who knows–the results might be better than you expect!





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