Marriage Advice

4 Surprising Ways to Stop Having the Same Argument with Your Spouse

What is that one argument you and your partner have again and again? Is it about money? The best way to parent? How often to have sex? Many couples have (at least) one sticky issue that causes tension and turmoil for them. As much as they try to avoid it or settle it, they can’t. […]

How to Create a Million Dollar Marriage

Even though there are individuals who are billionaires today, a million dollars is still a LOT of money. If your income and assets are relatively modest, the idea of having a million dollars in your bank account may boggle your mind. Imagine what it would be like to have an amazing amount of money and, […]

8 Essential Get the Spark Back Love Tips

How would describe your marriage? When you think about your partner and the way that you usually feel when you are together, what words come to mind?  Are they words like:  “excited,” “passionate,”  “more alive” and  “can’t get enough of each other?” Or, do you mostly feel… dull bored okay (not thrilled) wondering if this […]

Tame Relationship Tension by Doing THIS…

Gina and Scott have begun to avoid each other. This is pretty sad for a married couple who claim to love and care about one another, but it’s what has happened. The tension started a few months ago…  Gina is head of the human resources department for a thriving company. Scott has a good job, but […]

“Turn the Car Around!” 4 Things to Do if Your Marriage is Headed for Divorce

A relationship can be a lot like taking a road trip. You start out excited and eager. You and your partner are thrilled to be together. You hang on one another’s every word and you truly have fun and plenty of passion together. At some point, the trip becomes a little routine. You’ve passed about […]

Marriage Advice that May Sound a Little Crazy…but It Works!

Would you like more passion and connection in your marriage? Despite your desire for a closer relationship, does it seem like the tension and irritation in your marriage is moving the two of you further apart? Are you longing for some REAL changes to happen so that you can finally have the kind of bond […]

5 Relationship Tips for a Happier Marriage

If you want to create a happier marriage, this question is worth considering… “What are some things you could start doing (or doing more of) right now that would have an immediate positive impact on your marriage right now?” Here are a few suggestions that we use in our own marriage to keep it rich, […]

Marriage Advice for Opening Deeper Into Intimacy

One of the keys to more intimacy in your relationships and your life is to be open to the other people in your life. In Stephen Covey’s book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, one of the seven habits is to “seek first to understand and then be understood.” We think this is a […]

Marriage Advice for Dealing With 7 Dangerous Relationship Lies

If we’re really honest, we all lie to ourselves at one time or another. Sometimes we lie to ourselves to not hurt someone we love and sometimes we lie to ourselves because if we really looked at our “truth,” it might require us to make some choices that we may not want to make.These lies […]

The Marriage Juggling Act: Independence vs. Dependence

In the USA, it’s the week of the 4th of July and that means independence day celebrations, complete with fireworks, cook-outs and get-togethers with friends and family. As we were thinking about the Independence Day holiday and what we were going to do to celebrate, we couldn’t help but think about independence as it relates […]

Relationship Advice for Stopping Dangerous Practices in Your Marriage

Life, marriage, and relationships and can be so incredible, and yet at times, can be so frustrating. Sometimes we’re faced with situations that we’re really not so sure how to handle but we do the best we can.We face all kinds of temptations in our lives and our relationships on a daily basis that, if […]

6 Ways to Get Through a Marriage Impass

Here’s a crazy idea about what to do when you’re at a communication, trust or jealousy impasse with your spouse… We’ve talked about this idea a lot to our relationship breakthrough coaching clients and it’s made a big difference for them in their lives and relationships once they really “got it.” Here’s the marriage advice […]

Relationship Advice for More Passion and Connection in Your Marriage

If there’s one piece of relationship advice that we can offer that comes up missing in most marriages as time goes on, it’s passion. We’re not just talking about what happens in the bedroom (although that’s important). It’s also what happens every moment of every day between the two of you. Although your life might […]

Relationship Advice for Keeping Love Alive

How do you keep a relationship loving, intimate, alive and growing over the long haul? We are constantly on the look out for ideas to keep the spark alive in our relationship and we love passing them on to you. Here are some ideas from three people who agreed to share how they keep their […]

Marriage Advice for Keeping Love, Connection and Romance Alive Through the Years

Assuming you’re in a marriage with someone you love and really want to be with…. AND…If you knew it would end in 24 hours, and you wanted to make those 24 hours as special as possible… What would you do or what would you do differently to make that happen? We recognize that this is […]