Relationship Advice for Changing Enemies to Allies in Your Marriage

When people ask us what’s one thing they can do to get closer in their marriage, we give them a suggestion that goes something like this…

If you want to get closer, one way is to focus on getting on the same team.

This seems so obvious but “getting on the same team” and getting the two of you lined up in the same way and focused in the same direction is one of the real challenges of a marriage.

We can tell you from personal experience that when both of you work as a team as you move through life together, you can literally conquer anything and everything that gets in your way of keeping the passion, love and connection alive.

When it comes to great examples of “getting on the same team,” you don’t have to look any further than sports for inspiration, especially this time of year when the NCAA college basketball teams are gearing up for the “big dance.”

Since we’re from Columbus, of course we follow our Buckeyes and are excited the men are #1 right now in the standings.

As we’ve watched college basketball and other sports, especially the Cincinnati Reds baseball team, we’ve come to some conclusions about winning teams…

*It’s not only talent that creates a winning team but it’s also the way they work together as a team

*In winning teams, individual roles are clearly defined

*Individuals on a winning team appreciate their teammates and build them up. You don’t hear them talking badly about each other.

*Winning teams have a sense of community and working toward a common objective. They are lined up in the same direction with the same purpose.

What does this have to do with your relationship or marriage?


When you take the time to get lined up and get on the same team, everything’s easier.  Disagreements are less intense and don’t last as long–and passion and closeness are greater.

The problem is that most couples don’t feel they’re always (or even sometimes) on the same team.

What do couples do when they aren’t on the same team?

These things are sure signs your relationship could be in trouble (without you even knowing it)…

*They cut each other down in front of others or in print like on Facebook

*They interrupt each other

*They aren’t honest

*They look elsewhere for love and attention and have affairs–physical or emotional ones

*They don’t trust one another

*They spend more time at the office or away from home than necessary

*They do too much or too little to keep the relationship going

*They hold onto old resentments and hurts for years

Why does this happen?

It’s normal for each person in a relationship to have different desires–and those different desires are inevitably going to cause the two of you to clash so you don’t feel like you’re on the same team.

The magic’s in how you deal with and navigate those differences so you can get on the same team and be allies.

When we got together, we made a decision and intention that we would be allies and supporters of one another on the path to love. We wanted to “do it differently” than our previous relationships that ended in divorce.

We didn’t discover how important our decision and intention was until we started clashing with one another and lose our connection.

We would fall into being against one another from time to time just like any other couple (and we still do) but the difference is that we’ve found some ways to bring our connection back so we can feel close again.

Here are a couple of ways you can stop being “enemies” and start feeling like allies and get on the same team…

1. Become aware of what you do as a habit that pushes your partner away.

For Susie, it’s stopping herself from being pushy and interrupting Otto and just listening when she gets irritated or tense. She has to slow herself down from jumping into finishing his sentences.

For Otto, he has to remember Susie’s not the enemy and stop himself from getting into “fight” mode when he gets triggered. He has to remember how delicious their closeness is to him and not fall into fighting or withdrawing from her.

2. Find ways to stop whatever habit you have that takes you from feeling like you are on the same team.

For us, we have to be aware of the urge to do whatever is a habit for us to do when we get triggered by something and then make a conscious choice to remember our commitment to listening to understand where the other is coming from.

Not always easy, we know, but when we remember that our love is more important than “being right,” we do get on the same team and resolve whatever has separated us.

Does that mean we become doormats?

Of course not. We find ways to express what we’re feeling so the other can hear. We find ways to work out our differences. If you want some “magic words” to say when you’re at odds with each other,  go to

For you, we suggest you become aware of what takes you away from being aligned with your partner.

Take a moment now and write down one thing–maybe a small thing–that you know if you stopped doing it,
the two of you would feel more in alignment with each other and on the same team.

We invite you to practice that “one thing” this week and see what happens in your relationship.



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