3 Barriers to Finding New, Lasting Love

If so many people want to attract a new partner and seem to be having difficulty doing it, the question is– why?

What’s important here is to tell you that we absolutely believe that *if* you want to attract a new, perfect partner and lover to you and keep lasting love… we believe that YOU or anyone can do it.

We also believe that there are some really BIG Barriers that many people put in their way of attracting and keeping the love they say they want.

Here are 3 of the biggest barriers we’ve seen people unwittingly create that holds them back from getting what they want…

Barrier # 1: Counter-Intentions

People who don’t have the love they want very often create “counter-intentions” that actually keep love away instead of attracting it, pulling it to them and keeping it close.

A counter-intention might be desiring a close, connected relationship but staying so busy that there’s no time for one.

This is what it would feel like if you had your right foot pressed down on the accelerator pedal and your left foot crammed down on the brakes. You could hear and feel the engine revving up but since you had your other foot planted firmly on the brakes you just wouldn’t go anywhere (at least until you wore out the brakes).

In order to find, attract and keep the love that you want, you have to remove any “counter-intentions” from your mind and let go of the things that are stopping love from coming in.

Barrier # 2 : Creating Stories Inside You That Repel Love

Men and women who unconsciously keep love away often create stories within themselves that they believe, that actually repels love and keeps it away instead of creating stories within themselves that allow them to be open to the love they want to come in.

The stories we tell ourselves that we believe about ourselves, others and love determine everything.

One women we talked to recently who was just coming out of an abusive relationship said to us that “All men are full of baggage and not worth the trouble.” What if she told herself a different story about how much she was learning in her relationships and how much they were helping her to know what she wants in her next one?

Wouldn’t this be dramatically different?

We think so.

This is why we talk so much about creating “new” stories about love in our new Automatic Attraction Secrets program.

Barrier # 3 To Love: Unwillingness To Face Your Fears

People who say they want love (but don’t have the love they want), in many cases, have big time fears about love and aren’t willing to “face their fears” about it.

They fear if they open themselves to love, they’ll get hurt (or hurt again).

They fear their freedom will be taken away; they sometimes fear for their physical safety and also fears like they won’t be valued, heard or “seen” if they open themselves to love.

The thing about fear is that there’s no way through it other than through it.

Even people who’ve been in “happy” relationships have limiting fears that keep them from having their love be as deep as possible.

So what you want to do is lovingly challenge the fear.

Challenge whether you are going to allow your fears to keep you from having the love and romance you want.

If you have fears come up about anything in your life… don’t take it as a sign to STOP.

Take your fears as a sign to pay attention to something.

It may be that you don’t move forward in a particular relationship or it could be a sign that it’s time to move past a particular fear that isn’t serving you and embrace love in new ways in your life with open arms.

Attracting the love you want can be easier than you thought when you discover the barriers you have created and take them down one-by-one.

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