Why He’s Afraid of Commitment (And What You Can Do About It)

By TW Jackson

Commitment. It stands for promise, obligation, and now-and-forever. It’s not a small undertaking, and it shouldn’t be.And contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t at all that men don’t want to commit themselves to the woman of their dreams (because they do), but it is true that it scares their socks off.

Check out three reasons your man might be feeling the fear, and then keep reading for three solutions that may be simpler than you thought it would be!

1. He’s afraid of being hurt

As silly as it sounds, guys are big babies when it comes to emotional pain. They would a thousand times rather have to deal with the pain of a physical injury, a job loss, or a stock market nosedive than have to feel rejected by a beautiful woman.

2. He’s afraid of the emotions involved

Women are great at reading the emotional currents of complex situations, but guys often struggle with this. It doesn’t mean they aren’t smart, it simply means they’re much more accustomed to different kinds of communication.

3. He knows commitment means change

Everybody fears change, if they’re being honest. Even good change can be a bit scary. Change means your old maps are no longer as accurate, and you don’t always know where you’re headed. Nothing crazy about that.

So what’s a woman with an awesome man she wants to keep forever to do?

1. Be clear about your goals

If you know you want to be married in the next 3 years, don’t keep that a secret from him. Don’t give him an ugly ultimatum, but you can be clear without being scary. Something along the lines of “I don’t see myself dating forever. I’d like to be married by the time I’m 34…” would work.

2. Continue to live your most full and beautiful life

It’s imperative to go on living your life as fully and as exuberantly as you were before you met the man of your dreams. As a matter of fact, you may meet even more men who could become “the One.” Don’t shut off any of the possibilities for that until you have a ring on your finger.

3. Don’t give him all the benefits of an exclusive relationship before you have one

If he already has everything a man could desire without a commitment, why would he commit? Leave plenty of “space” in your relationship for him to miss you, need you, and wish he could get more of you.

The more he associates his pleasure and joy with having you in his life, the harder he’ll work overcome his fear of commitment. And if he clearly understands that if he waits too long to make you his, someone else might beat him to it… Well, that works in your favor!

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