Rebuild Trust by Creating No-Fail Agreements with Your Partner

When rebuilding trust with your partner after cheating, lying or some other form of betrayal, having clear agreements is a must. This is a delicate time in your relationship when, hopefully, both of you are working to learn and move forward from whatever happened in the past. It’s likely that you both have different ideas of what […]

Rebuild Trust and Get Respect… Even When Your Partner Resists

There’s no doubt about it– When trust has been damaged and you’re not feeling respected by your partner, you’re probably unhappy. Feeling suspicious, tense or put down much of the time may even seem to be standing in the way of you living the kind of life that you want. This all becomes even more intense […]

Send a CLEAR Message…When Your Partner Gets Sexy Texts from Another Person

Michelle has had enough! It was annoying when her boyfriend Jeff started getting daily texts from a woman he works with. The texts started out innocent– jokes about their boss or gripes about work projects. Then, the messages became more flirty and personal– questions about what Jeff was up to. Jeff always showed Michelle the […]

Build More Relationship Trust

If you’re like us, you’ve been amazed to watch how this US presidential election has unfolded over the past year.We’ve been especially interested in how much the idea of “trust” plays into who gets elected and what this has to teach us about our own relationships. Regardless of your politics, the person who wins any […]

Build Trust by Noticing What’s Different

The last few months, as we’ve been focused on writing about building trust, one thing is very clear…We all either build trust or tear it down in every moment we are together with another person. We do it with our words, actions, and non-verbally. Our physical bodies show whether we trust someone or not–and if […]

How to Build More Relationship Trust

The two of us have been looking at how to create more trust in our lives and in the lives of others for many years but in the last few weeks, we’ve gotten some true “ah has” that we want to share with you about what trust really is and how to create more of […]

Build a Triangle of Trust in Your Relationship

In every single moment… …And in every single relationship, you are either building trust with the important people in your life–or you aren’t. It’s either a “yes” or a “no”.. There is no “maybe” in building trust. With everything you say or do–you’re either building trust in big or small ways or you are eroding […]

Rebuilding Trust–‘I’m Sorry’ just isn’t enough

Several years ago, Otto worked as a door-to-door sales person for a company in our area. One of the biggest challenges with this job was not meeting the sales quotas but rather to keep from getting bitten by dogs.In fact, one day in less than 30 seconds after a woman told him her dog wouldn’t […]

Learning to Trust

Do you trust who you are in relationship with? Now, the answer seems pretty obvious if you are in a relationship with someone, but is it?The truth is that you can be in a relationship with someone for years but not truly trust them–not be open to them. We’ll give you an example of how […]

Ten Destructive Habits That Demolish Trust

Dr. Frank Gunzburg Baltimore, MD At this point, you should have some fairly solid ideas about how you can become transparent and rebuild the trust in your relationship. If you institute the strategies above, trust will blossom, and warmth and love will come back into your relationship.In order to reinforce this process, there are 10 […]

3 Ways to Build Trust

Trust is often taken for granted when it comes to intimate relationships. We trust– or don’t trust– that the agreements we’ve made with one another will be kept.These may include staying faithful to one another, continuing to deepen your connection, or “being there” for each other no matter what among other possible agreements… But when […]

Make Your Apology Count to Rebuild Trust

“He said he’s sorry, but I don’t feel it.” Jennifer is meeting with her best friend for coffee and support. She just found out that her fiancé Sam had a brief affair two years ago (and while they were dating). Even though Jennifer has seen proof that her fiancé ended the affair, she can’t seem […]

How Long Does it Take to Build Trust After It’s Been Broken?

Have you ever wondered…How long does it take to learn how to trust again?If trust has been broken, this question is certainly one of the biggest–but should it be?Whether you’re interested in our best strategies for trust-building in a relationship or you’re in a situation where trust has been violated and you want some help […]

How to Release Past Hurts and Betrayals for More Trust in Your Relationship

Have you ever felt hurt or betrayed by anyone, anywhere or anytime in your past?No matter what age you are, we’re guessing that you said “yes” to the above question.We’ve certainly had them. You may not consciously think about them but they are there, coloring your values, beliefs, thoughts, actions and interactions with others–unless you’ve […]