10 Ideas for Expanding into Love and Enjoyment

It’s summertime where we live and the flowers are in full bloom. Since we’ve had quite a bit of rain, our yard is also lush with various shades of green. With all of this “lushness” around us, we think that it’s a great reminder for all of us to relax and expand into loving and enjoying ourselves and each other a little more than what we normally do.

We came up with 10 ideas for relaxing and expanding into more love and enjoyment this summer and we’d like to share them with you… 

1.When driving your car, turn off your air conditioner and “roll” the windows down in your car. Feel the wind blowing through your hair and on your face as a way to feel more alive and open.2. Eat “cooler” foods and drinks. It will reduce stress if you eat foods that are cooler and not as spicy. Sounds strange– but true.

3. Show a little skin and wear some color. Be a little more daring and adventurous with your clothing choices. Even if you have a few extra pounds that you aren’t happy with, experiment with wearing a piece of clothing or colors that you might not normally wear.

4. Let your fingers do the walking. Call or email your partner or a friend during the day and arrange something special to do together that evening. If you have a partner, It might be something very simple like sitting on the patio after dark and kissing instead of watching television.

5. Take more walks. Walking makes you feel healthier and is a great stress reducer. It can also bring you closer whether you are walking with a friend or your intimate partner. If you are walking with your partner, hold hands and create more closeness while you are enjoying the out-of-doors.

6. Play in the rain. Playing in the rain is something that many of us did as kids in the summer but not since we became grown-ups. The next time it rains (you might even use the lawn sprinkler), go out and run and dance in it. If your partner chooses to go with you, it’s a great opportunity to laugh and have fun. If your partner doesn’t choose to go with you or if you have no partner right now, just go out and have fun by yourself.

7. Take a picnic lunch or dinner to a beautiful location. Even if you are living and working in a city, there are usually parks that are beautiful this time of year. Take advantage of this beauty and ask your partner or a friend to go with you.

8. Drink in a sunset or sunrise. In our town, we have a bike path by the river and it’s a perfect place to watch the gorgeous sunsets that are happening. The other evening, Susie just stopped and breathed in the beauty of the sky colors. There was even a rainbow! Enjoy this vision by yourself or with a loved one or friend.

9. Listen to music that helps you soar. Choose to listen to music that uplifts you. We are loving the music of Deva Premal and Miten right now. If you don’t have music that uplifts you, go to a bookstore that has those music listening stations and experiment. Find what uplifts and expands you.

10. Do something kind for someone. Nothing feels better than to do something that’s kind and loving for someone else. It might be something for your family, partner, friend, or a complete stranger. If you do it anonymously, it feels even better.

You might be wondering right now what all of these ideas have to do with improving your relationships…

Here’s what we know and believe…

When we are feeling good, open and expanded, we are loving ourselves and each other more deeply. We feel a deeper connection with each other, we are more understanding and not as judgmental, and we have more fun. Whether you resonate with any of our ideas or not, take this opportunity to open and expand and try some things that you might not normally do. If you do, we’re sure that your life will be a richer experience and your relationships will improve.


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