Relationship Advice If You Think Romance Is Dead…

We’ve been seeing a lot in the media these days suggesting that when it comes to relationships… “Romance is dead…” While this isn’t true for everyone or for every couple… The truth is that for MANY women and couples, this is absolutely true. Women especially tell us that they want more love, more connection and […]

Opening Your Heart to the One You Love

Do you hold back when you’re with your partner? This holding back might be most obvious when you and your partner are talking about a difficult issue, one that is sensitive for you. Perhaps you aren’t completely honest with your mate about how you really feel because, on some level, you worry about what the […]

5 Ways to Get Back Passion and Connection, pt.2

In a previous articles, we gave you 5 ways to increase passion, love, and connection that have been sent in by readers like you–and you liked them so much, we decided to give you 5 more… 1. “Spontaneity is definitely a key. But ultimately, what I’ve found most effective is letting a man know you’re […]

5 Ways to Get Back Passion and Connection pt.1

Since it’s approaching the time that schools start a new year in the USA, it’s certainly a reminder to all of us to “get back” to what’s important in our lives. Although we might become even busier as we approach the fall season, we can make conscious choices now to create more passion and connection […]

10 Easy Ways to Turn Up the Heat on Valentine’s Day That Most Guys Miss!

Hey guys, is your Valentine full of passion and vivaciousness? Is she daring and confident? How about curious and playful in all the ways you want her to be? Well, if you want a woman who is bolder, more passionate, and downright bodacious, then follow my ten easy and fun ways to turn up the […]

Communication Tips for More Romance and Spark in your Marriage or Relationship

When people talk about “red hot relationships,” they are often referring to the passionate connecting of a couple through lovemaking. But did you know that you can communicate with your love in red hot ways as well? It’s true! And, even better, when your communication is red hot, that sense of intimacy and spark will […]

Part 2: The 12 Things Not To Forget this Valentine’s Day or Any Day If You Want Your Relationship to be Special and Filled with Romance

So how can you deal with a holiday like this and actually enjoy yourself, whether you are in a “relationship” or not? How can you make your Valentines day celebration romantic if you’re with a partner? Here is part 2 of the suggestions to make your relationships better–no matter what day it is… (These suggestions […]

Romantic Tips for Keeping Love Fresh and Alive

Whether or not you know it, there might just be another person coming between you and your love. You could be in a many-years strong marriage and feel very committed to your mate. We’re here to tell you that there could actually be another person standing in the way of your relationship being as close […]

Choosing the Best Gift for the One You Love

Who would have thought that gift-giving might be a stumbling block for couples who want to create more passion, intimacy and connection in their relationship–but it certainly can be! Because of this and the fact that the holiday season is almost upon us here in the US when we typically give gifts to the people […]

The 7 Worst Love Zappers and How to Beat Them

We’re all familiar with the bug zapper that’s been around for decades–an ultraviolent light that attracts insects and then electrocutes them, emitting a sickening sound of frying bug flesh.While bugs can be annoying, what’s even more lethal in our lives are what we’re calling “love zappers” (unless of course you are allergic to the sting […]

One Way to Spice Up Your Love Relationship

Want to spice up your love life and simply have more fun doing it? Try acting on some of the fantasies that the two of you might have. Now, not all fantasies have to be acted on. It might be just as much fun to talk about your fantasies but sometimes you might want to […]

How to Open Your Heart to the One You Love

No matter how much and how deeply you profess to love your partner, if you take an honest look, you probably hold back in your relationship. We all do it. Some more than others. You may have “good” reasons to not completely open your heart wide open to your mate. You might have experienced disappointment […]

3 Love Making Tips for Couples in Long-Term Relationships

You’ve probably been making love with each other for many years and might question why you need to read an article about love making. Keep reading because we have some helpful surprises for you!  You may have forgotten a few things along the way and there may also be some new things you’d like to […]

Romantic Idea to Heat Up Your Relationship

Almost daily I encounter those entangled in a kind of extramarital affair I describe as “I Fell Out of Love…and just love being in love.” The cheating or “offending” spouse has encountered someone where there are “sparks!” Here are common phrases: (to the spouse) “I love you but am not ‘in love’ with you. The […]

Make Your Romantic Getaway More Passionate

Just ask any couple. A romantic getaway can be a wonderful renewal of love, passion and connection. It can also be far less than what the couple intended.Almost everyone has memories of fun, frolic and togetherness from their favorite trip for two. And almost everyone also has not so fond memories of getaways with a […]