5 Ways to Get Back Passion and Connection, pt.2

In a previous articles, we gave you 5 ways to increase passion, love, and connection that have been sent in by readers like you–and you liked them so much, we decided to give you 5 more…

1. “Spontaneity is definitely a key. But ultimately, what I’ve found most effective is letting a man know you’re into him when he least expects it…a note telling him you’re waiting for him in his car, in the medicine cabinet, or even a coupon offering love at his leisure is enticing”

2. “Besides the hot oil rubs & spaghetti strap nighties one thinks creates excitement, what has been exhilarating for us has been quirkiness & unexpectedness. For example, for my husband’s birthday, I bought him an expensive GPS for his truck.

“He had yearned for one for those off road hunting excursions. On the morning of his birthday, I wrapped several ‘hints’ pertaining to the GPS (toy Mattel truck, doll ‘Ken’ in camouflage gear, teeny road map, etc) & hid them in the shower, his truck, etc. with the info that if he could guess what the hints related to, he could have the BIG gift– otherwise, he’d have to wait til after work.

“The fun we had as he went on his scavenger hunt, then giggling as he guessed what possibly these silly toys could be about, was fun. it spiked my husband’s need for creativity, unpredictability & something other than routine.

“He had to wait til after work to get the ‘full monty’ but he called several times from work with even more guesses & begging me to tell him what the gift was!!! that day is imbedded in our memory!”

3. “Never take your partner for granted, and think you know how they are going to react. If you honour them and treat them as if you have just met, and are going through that courting stage, those ‘fireworks’ will still fly!”

4. “We’ll be married for 20 years in just three months. My husband and I keep the passion in our relationship alive by still kissing hello, goodbye, good morning. We kiss a lot, and not just pecks. We still have juicy make-out sessions like we did when we first dated.

“Of course, our kids think this is gross, but we believe that we are setting a good example by showing them how fulfilling marriage can be. It indicates that we truly like each other. It also allows us to give ‘special time’ to our relationship and to each other. Let’s face it, we are all happier when we feel loved!”

5. “Love is the secret to keeping our relationship hot, juicy, and exciting. When my husband and I look into one another’s eyes, there is such a deep, profound connection that we have come to depend upon it and crave it.

“Our physical intimacy is sometimes planned and sometimes spontaneous. It can be fun and playful or intense and romantic; but no matter how we choose to intertwine, our souls are always fully present and connected.

“Even when we are smiling, giggling, and being creative or adventurous, our eyes are saying, ‘I love you  unconditionally. You are my true love.’ I need only glance at his eyes and they are always there -open to me – seeking out my glance, so that they can connect and we can feel the love flow between us.

“Over the years, we have come to know that connection will always be there for us. Our physical intimacy has actually expanded and become more frequent as our trust has deepened. When love-making is so wonderful, you naturally want more – not less.

“We are both well beyond our ‘peaks’ sexually and yet we are more insatiable now than either of us has ever been. Our love-making has always been good, but over the past 5 years it has gone completely off the charts.

“We often say, ‘Who knew?’ because we honestly didn’t know that it could be so wonderful. We didn’t know our desire could grow so far beyond our initial physical attraction. Now, we do and I’m not even sure whether I can convey in words what we have grown to know.

“So, I guess my advice is to find a way to love your spouse unconditionally or find a spouse you can love unconditionally, so that you can know what it feels like to crave and frequently visit the place your soul most desires.

“Once you have found it, neither of you will ever be able (or willing) to harden against the other again. The risk is simply too great. Love is as wonderful and powerful and eternal as we have all hoped. The secret lies in being committed enough to wait for it…and bold enough to grab it with both hands when it finds you.”

What inspirational stories!

We invite you to do just one thing this week to open yourself deeper to the love that is available to you.

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