Relationship Advice If You Think Romance Is Dead…

We’ve been seeing a lot in the media these days suggesting that when it comes to relationships…

“Romance is dead…”

While this isn’t true for everyone or for every couple…

The truth is that for MANY women and couples, this is absolutely true.

Women especially tell us that they want more love, more connection and more romance these days from their partners–and they’re angry.

Women are telling us that they want the men in their life to once again make them feel like the most special woman in the world… but they think their men just aren’t stepping up.

Guys are expected to know what romance is and then do it, right?

Well it’s nice if it works that way but usually it doesn’t.

When a woman doesn’t think her guy is romantic enough—she pulls away, she silently (or not so silently) punishes him, complains about all kinds of things.

When that happens, a man pulls away, gets even more absorbed in work or sports—and they move even further apart.

Reality of where most couples are…

When couples get together, there’s usually connection and romance between the two people. Then inevitably the honeymoon period ends and the spark dies.

After that, people may find that their relationship has turned into one of these kinds of relationships—cordial roommates; fight all the time; lead separate lives; bored; live for the kids; focused more on work than each other; no surprises; no touching; no sex.

What happens?

Most people stop doing those things that keep the spark alive. They hold their partner to higher standard, they get lazy, they take partner for granted, they stop looking at one another, they focus anything other than their relationship.

So if you’re a woman and can relate to what we’re saying, what can I do to get him to be more romantic?

Here are 3 ways to experiment with in your relationship…

  1. Decide what romance and being romantic mean to you.He won’t know if you don’t tell him–and YOU first have to figure out what him being romantic means to you. Remember he’s not a mind reader and you shouldn’t expect him to be because every woman has a different definition of what romance means to them.
  2. Practice opening to more love and being an invitation to more love and connection.Make him not only think about you and your love more often but get him to show his love and devotion to you as much you want by your openness and being an invitation. What’s an invitation? Remember you love this man, pull your focus into your heart and then talk to him. You might say something like this to invite him to more romance…”I would love it if you’d _________.”
  3. Don’t taser him and complain if he’s making positive steps.Also don’t constantly bring up all painful past infractions when he’s trying to change.  Many women complain instead of educate in a way he can hear it If you want more romance, don’t bring up every little thing he’s done wrong every time he doesn’t do something you don’t like.  The most important thing you should eliminate from your relationship today if you want more love, romance and spark between you and your man is blame.

There you have it–3 ways to practice allowing your man to let his inner romantic and show you how special you are to him! Try these suggestions today.

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