Want More Intimacy? Leave THIS Out of Your Relationship

When Kelly and Jeff became a couple, they each brought unique things to their relationship. Kelly is a massage therapist and enjoys easing the tight spots from Jeff’s shoulders after a long day at work. Jeff is a professional chef and never tires of creating delicious culinary surprises for Kelly each night for dinner. They […]

Don’ts and Do’s for Communicating About Differences in Your Relationship

“Would you rather be right or happy?” These is a useful question for anyone who struggles with relationship differences…which would include anyone in a love relationship, marriage or relationship of any kind. We each have a unique perspective of the world in which we live. We see things a certain way and we have our own […]

4 Ways to Get Your Man to Open Up and Tell You How He Feels

“It’s like living with a rock!” This is how Angela describes her fiancé, Jeff. She doesn’t intend to be mean, but it’s how he seems to her a lot of the time. While she appreciates how even-keeled and dependable Jeff is, she wishes that he’d let her in once in awhile. Angela often asks Jeff […]

4 Phrases to Help You Communicate AND Connect

Why does communicating with your partner sometimes seem SO DIFFICULT? We’ve all been there. You’ve got something to say about a troubling situation and you just can’t seem to say it in a way that will really be heard. In the past, an argument and defensiveness occurred when you spoke up. Because of this, you […]

“She won’t have sex anymore! Is this a good reason to breakup?”

John can hardly remember what it feels like to be sexually intimate with his wife Cindy. He has a vague recollection of how wonderful it is to kiss her passionately and have her kiss him eagerly in return. Unfortunately, it’s been far too long since even that has happened. Over the course of their marriage, […]

9 Nag-Free Ways to Get More Follow Through in Your Relationship

The last thing Kristen wanted was to be that stereotypical wife who pesters her husband again and again and again. But, unfortunately, that’s what she feels like. Kristen’s husband, Pete, is a fun and loving guy. When he’s not at work, he fills his time with golf, running, paint ball, cycling and more. This active […]

Never Compromise: 3 Steps to Synergy in Your Relationship

Jennifer and Chris are both opinionated and strong-willed people. This is partly what drew them together in the first place. They’d debate for hours about politics, religion and anything else they could think up. Their passion was sparked by this intellectual sparring. Unfortunately, this source of passion does not translate well when Jennifer and Chris […]

Marriage Advice that May Sound a Little Crazy…but It Works!

Would you like more passion and connection in your marriage? Despite your desire for a closer relationship, does it seem like the tension and irritation in your marriage is moving the two of you further apart? Are you longing for some REAL changes to happen so that you can finally have the kind of bond […]

Marriage Advice About the #1 Question Most Married Couples Ask

So what do you think the #1 relationship question most married people ask themselves at some time during their marriage? Have you ever thought about it? Even in happy marriages (ours included), this question rolls through almost everyone’s mind at some point. If things aren’t going so well in your marriage, it comes up a […]

Relationship Tips: How to Get to ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’ With Your Mate

A local radio station recently asked listeners to call in and report the: “One thing that you would change about your mate so that you can love him or her more fully.” This is not the first poll to pose a question like this and probably will not be the last to do so. We’re […]