3 Ways to Respond to Your Partner’s Jealous Meltdown

Jenny can’t stand it when her boyfriend Chris gets jealous. He is a very intense guy which is great when he’s happy. He can be the life of the party and so much fun to be around. But, when he gets jealous, Chris explodes. She wants to literally run and hide even though Chris has […]

Jealousy–Where does it come from?

A common issue that gets in the way of having great relationships is jealousy. We put the issue of jealousy into two camps: 1) Where one or both partners have broken past commitments and there is jealousy between them. And 2) Where one partner is jealous of their partner and there doesn’t seem to be […]

He’s Tired of Her Spying and Wants More Privacy

“Been married for a year and a half now but my wife keeps spying on my Facebook page almost everyday. There is a pass code on my phone she does not know, but last time she was able to read my massages and came questioning me.”Even though I have got nothing to hide from her […]