Flirting: What to do When Someone Flirts with Your Husband

If you’ve ever discovered that someone is flirting with YOUR partner, we probably don’t have to tell you that things can get UGLY pretty quickly… In fact, it can be a real problem when someone is flirting with your partner even if your partner doesn’t flirt back. In situations like these, all kinds of fears […]

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

by Dr. Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach Hi Dr. Bob, I’m writing to you in regards to being involved with a married man. Our relationship is more than meant to be and we are aware of this, the only thing that is stopping his divorce is the money. Apparently it will cost alot to get […]

Emotional Affairs–Are They REALLY Affairs?

 If it’s only an “emotional affair,” is it really an affair?This is such a great question–and one we hear from a lot of people. Emotional affairs can happen in any number of ways especially with cell phones, the internet, Facebook, Twitter and all the new ways of connecting with someone that didn’t used to exist. […]

Your Marriage Made Him/Her Do It?

Infidelity has different faces…and different signs and patterns. Yes, infidelity is complex. You probably know that or perhaps feel the overwhelm and confusion. Most I work with find tremendous relief, a sense of control, confidence and power once they pinpoint the situational signs of infidelity. Understanding IS the beginning of healing. But, to accelerate breaking […]

The Revenge Affair: Characteristics of the Adulterer

by Dr. Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach “I Want to Get Back at Him/Her” is one of 6 kinds of affairs I outline in my E-book. This is the “revenge affair.” It occurs in a marriage in which one feels slighted in some manner and seeks revenge by engaging in an affair. It is less […]

Online Affair: How to Recover and Move on After a Relationship Betrayal

Since the development and widespread use of the internet, amazing possibilities have become available to many people around the world. Geographical boundaries can easily be traversed with the click of a mouse and doors to new information, experiences and people are now wide open. This is all wonderful– except if your spouse or partner chooses […]

What To Do AFTER You See the Signs of Lying and Cheating

If you have suspected that your man is lying to you, and maybe having an affair, you may have also been gathering information about how to spot lying in your relationship. You may have read books, listened to audios and visited websites to learn more about the signs of infidelity. Perhaps you have considered confronting […]

How to NOT Put Your Kids in the Middle After Your Spouse Has an Affair

When infidelity happens in a love relationship or marriage, it’s almost always the person who had the affair may feel guilty and the partner who was “cheated on” probably feels betrayed– both are likely upset and may not know what the next step should be. If the couple reeling in the aftermath of infidelity have […]

When Your Suspicions That Your Partner’s Cheating Are Confirmed, What’s Next?

If you’ve suspected that your partner was lying to you and possibly cheating for any length of time, the not knowing was probably difficult, if not excruciating. You may have been overwhelmed by unanswered questions and gnawing worries and fears. You might have felt as if you were in some kind of awful limbo in […]

Cheating Spouse: Is Spying an Invasion of Privacy?

by Dr. Robert Huizenga My, how the cheating spouse cries foul when he/she discovers you are spying. Outrage can be intense: “How dare you!! I never thought you would stoop to that! How could you!? How can there be trust in this relationship if you do that? This is none of your business; I don’t […]

Cheating Spouse and How to Heal after Infidelity or an Extramarital Affair

According to marriage and family counsellor Dr. Frank Gunzburg, when you first learn that your spouse has had an affair, it’s not only devastating but it’s a crazy cocktail of anger, denial, grief and a complete loss of self-esteem. If you have been injured by a cheating husband or cheating wife, especially if the news […]

After Cheating: He’s Still in Contact with His Ex

So you’re trying to rebuild trust in your marriage or relationship and it just makes you crazy when you think about the two of  them–  You wonder why does he (or she) keep in contact with the ex or person from the office who poses a danger (in your mind) to your relationship? He (or […]