Instant Relationship Breakthroughs pt.1

Some people believe that change takes a very long time to happen. These people believe that if you want to improve something or change something in your life that you peck away at it and eventually you’ll have want you want.

It’s been our experience that change happens in two ways:

1. Yes, it can take a long time to happen or

2. You can do things to create what we call “Instant Breakthroughs.”

You can create these “instant breakthroughs” in any area of your life if you’re open to them and since our focus in this newsletter is relationships– the big question is… How do you create “instant breakthroughs” in your relationships?

Before we give you some ideas on how to do this, let us first tell you what “instant relationship breakthroughs” are…

An instant relationship breakthrough is one moment when one or both of you in the relationship make a shift to do, say or act differently and there’s an opening, a sense of understanding or feeling of connection and communion in the relationship that wasn’t there previously.

If your intention is to create these breakthroughs, then you will create the type of relationships that you want and have more love, passion, intimacy and connection.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, here are a few “Instant Relationship Breakthroughs” that you can begin practicing right now to make your relationships even better…

Instant Relationship Breakthrough Idea #1 –Be proactive and responsible in creating your life and marriage the way you want.

If you don’t have the love you want (or anything else), you’re the one who is blocking it.

Think about your garden hose. What happens when it gets a major kink in it? The water doesn’t flow past the kink. It’s shut off until you remove the kink.

That’s the way we believe that it is with us in our lives. When we block our natural radiance, we block what we want from coming to us. We can choose to allow our life force to flow or not allow it to flow.

It’s our choice.

Some of you at this point might be arguing with us and saying “I’m not blocking it. It’s because of __________ (you fill in the blank) that I don’t have exactly what I want in my life.”

Any time that you don’t accept that you are the one blocking the flow of love, then you are not allowing yourself to be responsible and to begin creating the life and relationships that you want.

We all have places in our lives where we can step up to the plate, so to speak, and take responsibility for turning our lives around–for making small or big changes that will make our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with better.

Today, ask yourself these questions-

1. “How have I put up walls and barriers to having the love and marriage that I think I want?”

2. “What mental shifts can I make to let go of the walls and barriers that I’ve created that prevent me from having what I want?”

Instant Relationship Breakthrough Idea #2 –The power of making completions that have kept you from moving forward in your life and relationships.

Most of us have an awareness of things that have been left unsaid that needed to be said or things that needed to be done that weren’t done.

If you need to do a completion about anyone or anything in your life, it can be a breakthrough moment for you and the other person. Cathy took one of our courses and told us later that she had made two completions that by doing them, she was moving forward to having a better marriage.

She returned all of a previous boyfriend’s things that were left at her house, including a computer, several months after she got married. She also realized that she needed to contact her father who she hadn’t seen for several years.

These things from a former lover and her estranged relationship with her father had been holding her back from opening her heart to loving her husband and getting the love she wanted.

Completions aren’t always as dramatic as Cathy’s but they always free up energy for something more wonderful and powerful in our lives.

On television the other day, we saw an interview with a couple who had been married 40 years. When asked how they kept their spark, they said that they never go to bed mad at each other.

That’s a great example of a completion–of not allowing resentments to build–of saying unsaid words that may be getting in the way of a great connection with a partner.

We all have ways we can make completions in our lives that will free up energy so that we can have what we want.

Anything left unsaid is an incompletion. Challenges or problems in the bedroom or around sex are almost always about unspoken truths, withheld emotions and incompletions.

Today, ask yourself these questions…

1. “What is one completion that I’ve needed to make with someone or something?”
2. “What’s one small action that I can take to start this completion process?”

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