5 Ways to Get Back Passion and Connection pt.1

Since it’s approaching the time that schools start a new year in the USA, it’s certainly a reminder to all of us to “get back” to what’s important in our lives. Although we might become even busier as we approach the fall season, we can make conscious choices now to create more passion and connection in our lives and relationships.

With this in mind, here are 5 powerful ways to increase passion, love, and connection that have been sent in by readers like you. We invite you to try them out in your life!

1. “We try to have a positive attitude about everyday life and make each other smile or laugh! We laugh at the silliest things! We go to bed about the same time every night and snuggle and we say our prayers together while holding one another. It is a very warm and touching experience.”

2. “My boyfriend and I love to try to do not just ‘fun’ things together, but ‘childlike fun’ things together to refresh our relationship. Childhood is usually a unique time when a feeling of passionate play comes into enjoyable activities.

“My boyfriend and I try to tap into that ‘passionate playful’ feeling by doing things we loved to do as kids, but do not usually think of doing as adults.

“We feel a playful freedom going to Disney World together, (without any kids with us), and other theme parks, or water parks. We recently tried roller skating, and ice skating again after almost 20 years.

“And how often now do you find yourself dancing in the privacy of your own home as adults? It is probably something most of us did as kids in our locked bedroom. I try to put on music as much as possible instead of television (at first very much against my boyfriends wishes) and take his hands and dance for a little bit here and there while one of us prepares dinner. We always end up smiling.”

3. The best way I have found to show my husband I care is by taking packaged snacks and using puns from the names to tell him I care. Baby Ruth ” Baby, you are the best.” ; Planter’s nuts ” I’m nuts about you.” etc. It keeps things interesting, cheerful, and fun while he knows I am thinking about him.

4. “…There is one thing my partner can do that will keep me forever in love with him. And that is to understand and accept that I am his partner but still an individual with thoughts, feelings, ideas and views that might be different from his. He allows me freedom to be my own person, not just an extension of him because we are partners.”

5. “In my relationship, I think one of the keys to it is always make time for one another. Even if you only have 5 mins, let the other person know how much you care about them.

“Always say I love you. Plus always keep open communication with your partner. Be a good listener and tell them what you are hearing from what they have to say. Make sure you both understand the same way.

“Be romantic on the spur of the moment. Go for a walk together. Read together. Do fun things. Have one night set aside for a date night with each other. Go away for a romantic weekend. Make breakfast and serve it in bed.”

What great ideas for keeping love, passion and connection alive!

We invite you to do just one thing this week to reconnect with each other and allow more of what you want in your life to happen.

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