10 Easy Ways to Turn Up the Heat on Valentine’s Day That Most Guys Miss!

Hey guys, is your Valentine full of passion and vivaciousness? Is she daring and confident? How about curious and playful in all the ways you want her to be?

Well, if you want a woman who is bolder, more passionate, and downright bodacious, then follow my ten easy and fun ways to turn up the heat on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Most guys miss this but, believe me, if you do them she’s thank you many times over! Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Hint: Start doing these things at least one week before Valentine’s Day to get the most benefit!)

1. Tell her she’s bodacious. If you’ve never told her she’s bodacious, she’ll be surprised, smile, and want to know what you mean. Let her know you’re not talking body parts, although she’s definitely got some good ones. You mean she has a bold, gutsy, positive attitude. Feel free to use my definition of
bodacious: “The courage to be in charge of your life.”

2. Repeatedly call her your Bodacious Valentine.

As simple as this sounds, it’s powerful! Let her hear over and over again from your lips that she’s your Bodacious
Valentine. Then, smile wide and give her a hug. Many women are so concerned about being good and perfect that they’ve forgotten to lighten up and feel good about who they are right now.

3. Make her a Bodacious Martini…or 2 or 3!

Mix her favorite mixed drink (I suggest her favorite martini. If she doesn’t have a favorite, try the Cosmopolitan version. To make a non-alcoholic drink, try fruit juice and sparkling water) and present it her in a martini glass. Tell her that in honor of her being your Bodacious Valentine it’s a Bodacious Martini – one part chutzpa, one part respect for others, and a dash of spirited

4. Ask her what her dream Valentine’s Day looks like and then do as much of that as possible.

By her telling you what she wants, you both win. She’s happy and because you’ve made her happy, well, then, you get
what you want. They key is how you ask. Try this: “Honey, I love you and want to make this Valentine’s Day special, but I need your help. I have some ideas, but tell me, what
does your dream Valentine’s Day look like?”

5. Buy her a manicure to help her to live like her nail color.

There are so many nail colors available that many women want to feel like, for example, the Thrill of Brazil, Wild West Wild Berry, or Wanted Red or Alive. Just putting them on our finger nail and toe nails starts to get us in the mood. So, arrange for her to have a manicure before Valentine’s
Day to get her warmed up.

6. Ask her what she most likes about herself, and then tell her how much you appreciate that about her and why.

If you do this, her feelings of not being good enough start to melt away and she’ll be emotionally attracted to you. Consider it part of foreplay. Remember, most women slowly warm up like an electric stove to feeling sexual. For men, it’s a microwave experience.

7. Notice and celebrate her BoMos, bodacious moments.

In addition to calling her your Bodacious Valentine, notice those moments when she takes a risk, sticks up for herself, and acts bodacious. Exclaim, “That’s a BoMo, a bodacious moment! I’m so proud of you!” She’ll love the recognition and want to do more of the same.

8. Give her a pair of dice and decide together what each roll means Valentine’s night!

I strongly suggest you only do this if you’re done at least 3 of the suggestions above, otherwise she might feel you care only about sex and not about her. If you’ve implemented these suggestions and she’s emotionally
attracted to you, then now is the time to nurture her playfulness! Make it fun and you may be pleasantly surprised what she comes up with for “double sixes”!

9. During your Valentine time together, ask her where she’d like to go within a weekend’s drive that she’s always been curious about.

Encourage her curiosity by exploring new places together. Show enthusiasm even if it’s not at the top of your list. Make plans to take this trip within six weeks to keep the V-Day flame going. Remember to take along your dice!

10. Give her copy of my book Bodacious! Woman to continue to nurture her bodaciousness. Think of me as your accomplice in helping your Valentine continue to be the Bodacious Woman she wants to be! Simply go now to www.gobodacious.com/specialoffer for a special price. You’ll pay more for champagne than for my book, but the effects can last much longer!

About Mary Foley

Mary Foley, author of “Bodacious! Woman: Outrageously in Charge of Your Life and Lovin’ It!” and founder of the Bodacious Women’s Club, inspires women to be courageously in charge of their lives. She loves men and let’s just say she knows how to keep a smile on her partner’s face. Check out
what she’s up to at www.GoBodacious.com.

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