The #1 Secret for Couples Who Want to Stay in Love

Okay, you caught us…We know that there are a lot of things you can do to keep your love alive throughout the years.But if we’re really put on the spot and have to come up with the biggest secret for couples who want to stay in love… here’s what it would be… **Create the kind […]

When It Comes To Love-Making–What Most Women Want But Most Men Don’t Do

When Jim Morrison from the 60’s rock band “The Doors” sang “Come on, Come On, Come On, Come On now touch me babe,” he was giving some pretty good advice. This is one of the things that many women MOST want from their men and men don’t do it.(At least in the way that she […]

Marriage Help for Creating Marriages that Last and are Filled with Passion

When we talk about the idea of restarting the spark in your marriage or relationship, your initial flinch reaction may be this… “It’s going to be a lot of hard work to do this and it’s serious. We’ll have to really buckle down.” What we’ve noticed about restarting the spark–and we do it each time […]

Can You Create Passion Out of Thin Air

If you’ve been in a relationship or marriage for awhile–you’ve had kids or you job has been demanding–you may be wondering how or if you can start feeling passion.Maybe you never felt it to the extent that you want–so your question might be this…Can you create passion out of thin air or is what you’ve […]