Wedding Ring Idea

“We had a small wedding with just immediate family and our 2 best friends attending. We had the wedding in our own back yard; the chairs for our guests were set up in a circle/horseshoe with our altar and minister at the “top” of the circle. When our musician started playing, Ken and I walked out from around the sides of the house, at the same time, and came together in front of the altar and minister.”We lit our ‘unity’ candle together. When it was time to exchange rings, our minister first said a blessing on the ring and then passed it to the guest beside her and asked that each person take a moment to hold the ring and bestow their own blessing upon it and our marriage.

“We were so filled with joy and so touched by this and felt so loved and blessed. It felt like the commitment we were making to each other was strengthened by all the love of those most dear to us.”

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