A Secret Trap That May Kill Your Relationship…

A common relationship trap that you may have fallen into (along with everyone else who’s ever been in a relationship) is “I’m RIGHT–You’re WRONG.” We are amazed at how easy it is to fall into the “I’m Right–You’re Wrong” trap–and how destructive it is to your relationship when you do! Recently, one of our coaching […]

Relationship Advice for Saying What You Mean and Meaning What You Say

Have you ever caught yourself saying one thing but feeling something entirely different–and it ends up damaging your relationship or at the least, you feeling angry with yourself later? Well join the club… Talk about a barrier to intimacy–this is a really good one! It also gets in the way of heart-felt and honest communication. […]

How Communicating the “Old Fashioned” Way Can Harm Your Relationship…

One of the biggest challenges and one of the biggest reasons that the life, love and the spark fades in a relationship is that you start communicating in ways that don’t keep you close and connected–and these are what we’re calling the “old fashioned” way. We’ll tell you about these “old fashioned” ways and how […]

Do This to Create a Closer, More Connected Relationship…

Have you ever found yourself talking with someone but you aren’t listening because you are thinking about what you want to say? Or you might find yourself being triggered by what the other person is saying. These are things that most of us do from time to time—and they are deadly to our relationships and […]

Anger in Relationships: Why It’s Not Always What it Seems When Your Partner is Angry

Because so many people want to know how to stay open in love when they don’t feel very loving in the moment, we wanted to give you some tips and ideas on opening your heart in difficult circumstances.Here’s an example of what we mean…Every once in awhile, John gets really angry– so angry that Marsha […]

Relationship Advice for Creating Conscious Agreements

If you’ve been getting this newsletter for any length of time, bought one of our courses or worked with us through coaching, you know that we talk a lot about creating conscious agreements and their importance in creating a relationship that’s as close and connected as possible.Recently, one of our readers wrote to us and […]

Communication Tips for Following Through on Your Commitments

Here are a couple of relationship questions that are worth thinking about… How good are you at following through with what you say you’ll do, especially with your loved ones?What do you value and what are your true commitments in your life? Because our lives can “get away from us” for any number of reasons […]

Relationship Advice When Your Partner Gives You the Cold Shoulder

Just about any and all love relationships have their ups and downs. It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a relationship “slump” and a warning sign that you need to take a close look at what’s going on and consider some changes. When you feel like your partner is giving you the cold shoulder […]

Need Help Communicating Better? Chunk it Down

If you’re like us, no matter how good (or bad) your relationship or marriage is… You probably have situations in your relationships, especially your intimate ones, that you’d like to improve or change.The problem for most of us is that when we start to look at making these changes, it can look and feel pretty […]

It’s ALL about Choice: Communicating and Connecting with Your Partner

Every single second of every single day is filled with choices, millions of choices perhaps. So why does it sometimes feel we have no choice? We’ve all felt stuck in the midst of a tricky relationship moment where there just seems to be no other way than… (fill in the blank). Even if it’s an […]

Your Communication Style Could be Sabotaging Your Relationship

Most of us have had this pretty common relationship challenge at one time or another (especially with the people closest to us)… You just can’t seem to talk to each other without one or both of you getting upset. And this “upset” shows up in all kinds of different ways with you and your partner. […]

The #1 Way to Communicate Better With Someone You Love

Have you ever been with someone you love and you felt alone because he or she seemed a million miles away?Have you ever asked your partner to do something, got a mumbled reply (or no reply)–you thought there was agreement but nothing happened? Your partner told you he or she didn’t remember the conversation, didn’t […]

Communication Tips for Couples with Kids

When you live with kids of any age, privacy can be a big issue. Anyone who has or had kids living at home can probably remember an occasion (or many) when lovemaking between you and your partner was interrupted or even seemed impossible to begin with. What about when you and your love have an […]

The Relationship Dance: Are you moving together?

If you’ve ever watched a couple dancing-either professionally or just for fun-you’ll probably notice some patterns. They move together at times, step apart at others, and each seem to know where to put feet, arms and legs at just the right time to the music. Of course, there are dancers who misstep and even fall, […]

Common Complaints From Couples About Their Relationships

We all like to complain. It’s just human nature to do it (at least it seems that way). Sometimes when we complain, we want ideas to help solve our problems but more times than not, we want a sympathetic ear and encouragement that we are “right” and the other person is “wrong.” Since the two […]