Marriage Advice

Marriage Advice for Loving for the Long Haul

A moving column was recently printed in our city’s newspaper. The story was about an elderly man whose wife passed on 6 months ago.The man, a prominent minister, was grappling with not only grief from losing his wife of 57 years, but also regret because he felt so busy and caught up with other things […]

Instant Relationship Breakthroughs pt.1

Some people believe that change takes a very long time to happen. These people believe that if you want to improve something or change something in your life that you peck away at it and eventually you’ll have want you want. It’s been our experience that change happens in two ways: 1. Yes, it can […]

Marriages, Careers, Lifestyle Changes, Kids and Keeping the Love, Passion and Connection Alive

Here’s another great question from our recent survey that seemed to be on the minds of many when we brought up the topic of passion. “How can we work with the changing nature of passion as it transforms over the course of a relationship, and with different events occurring, such as career and lifestyle changes, […]

Marriage Advice When Boredom Threatens to End Your Relationship

There could be a lot of reasons for unhappiness and dissatisfaction in long-term intimate relationships–but from our research, here’s something that might surprise you… One of the biggest is boredom. When one or both people in the relationship feel bored with each other over a long period of time, it’s very easy to get blindsided […]

Is It “Normal” To Grow Apart In Relationships and Marriages?

Jan has been feeling worried lately. The past 6 months have been fabulous in terms of her career. She has been taking more risks at work and experiencing success. Her boss has given her a promotion and raise and she’s loving this new position. The outlook for her rise within the company she works for […]

Avoid Fights in Your Love Relationship or Marriage- Relationship Gold Advice for Communication and Connection

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is an often quoted line from the famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche that unfortunately also describes a way that many people live their lives. While we know that sometimes you get into situations you’d rather not be in… …And it may be helpful to look at these situations and […]

Tips for Parenting More Positively

How many of us were raised with a belief in “Murphy’s Law?” This means if something can go wrong in a situation, chances are, it will. This belief is often (perhaps unconsciously) applied when it comes to parenting. Whether it’s preparing a kindergartner for the “inevitable” dropping of the lunch tray at school or the […]

Marriage Advice for Creating Automatic Attraction with Your Spouse

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and the person you most want to be attracted to you (especially your current partner, spouse or lover) is head over heels in love with you and you really feel it at deep level? Whether you’re currently in a relationship or not… Wouldn’t that […]

Overwhelm Ahead– How Will Your Marriage Be Affected?

It’s not often that this happens to us but the truth is that most of us experience feelings of overwhelm at one time or another and lately that’s what we’ve felt. When it comes to feeling overwhelmed, one thing we know for sure is that it can play havoc with our marriage, as well as […]

Marriage Advice for Dealing with the Loss of Attraction for Your Spouse

What if the physical attraction in your marriage used to be there–but now it’s gone? You love him (or her) but you can’t help but wonder just where did the physical attraction go.It used to be there but now you find you’re just pretending or worse yet, you’re numb and maybe don’t care. But the […]

The One Thing You Have to Have for a Great Marriage

For your marriage to grow deeper in love and connection, gratitude has to be an attitude you carry with you every day. Gratitude is not only healthy for your relationship but it’s healthy for you physically and emotionally. It’s a fact that we’ve proven over and over in our own lives… When our thoughts are […]

Marriage Advice for a Close, Connected Relationship

The word “dumb” usually has such negativity attached to it that you may be wondering what it has to do with creating a great relationship. In Susie’s family, her dad and his younger brother affectionately called each other “big dummy” and “little dummy”–when they did something that wasn’t very smart or for no reason at […]

Relationship Advice for More Passion and Connection in Your Marriage

We’re often asked for relationship advice from couples who want to save their marriage but don’t know how. Here’s a big secret we’ve discovered… Make the commitment to not run away and hide when things get tough. One of the things we learned very early in our marriage was that we each had a tendency […]

Relationship Advice for Keeping Your Marriage Strong

Some of it in our lives is good and some of it is not so good. And if the truth is told, we like drama as much as the next person does… But is it good for us and our relationship and life? For entertainment, we like to watch reality shows like “Dancing with the […]

5 Trends That Can Kill Your Marriage

If there’s one common question we hear from people who have ended their marriages (or their partners ended them), it’s this… “Is there anything I could have done differently to save my marriage?” We’ve discovered that it’s not what you do at the last minute when your marriage’s in big trouble that makes a  difference… […]