6 Signs that Love Will Thrive in Your Relationship

Are you a worrier? Do you look around at all of the love relationships and marriages that started out so wonderfully and then ended in pain and drama? It can feel like there’s an epidemic of relationships falling apart if you read magazines or surf the internet. It’s natural to want to know what chance […]

No Intimacy? Your Communication Style May Be to Blame

Are you a…  nag  complainer  criticizer  apologizer  hedger? Nobody likes to admit it, but every single one of us has a few habits that aren’t beneficial. These are the things we regularly say and do that prevent us from creating the kind of relationship and life we really want. Because communication is so central to […]

Want More Intimacy? Leave THIS Out of Your Relationship

When Kelly and Jeff became a couple, they each brought unique things to their relationship. Kelly is a massage therapist and enjoys easing the tight spots from Jeff’s shoulders after a long day at work. Jeff is a professional chef and never tires of creating delicious culinary surprises for Kelly each night for dinner. They […]

911 Help for Your Intimacy Problems

The injuries and wounds don’t usually show on the outside, but the sense of emergency is strong. When emotional or sexual intimacy in your love relationship disappears (or has always been weak), it can feel intense, upsetting and even scary. You aren’t happy with the distance that’s between you and your partner and you’re worried […]

Six Spicy Sex Tips for Bored Couples

We don’t think that anybody ever literally died of boredom, but relationships can. Boredom is when you and your partner have settled into a routine and you can’t seem to do anything differently. This routine has its benefits and serves a purpose. If you’re like most people, you and your partner lead busy lives and […]

17 Ways You Might Be Shutting Off Intimacy and Love

We all shut off intimacy and love at various times in our lives and we often do it unconsciously. We do it by thinking old thoughts and beliefs that sabotage our happiness and keep love away without even realizing that we’re doing it. In order to have the intimacy, connection and love that you want, […]

3 Secrets to Getting Closer and Deeper Intimacy

If there’s anything that’s illusive and confusing about intimate relationships (and we realize there’s a lot to be confused about them), it’s that closeness can come and it can go without us really knowing what happened. Here are 3 secrets that we’ve discovered in keeping the spark alive long after the honeymoon in our own […]

17 Ways to Make Your Relationships Great pt. 3

How do you make your relationships great (or better) this year? This is a good question and based on the responses we got from a recent survey we conducted, there certainly are some interesting questions about how to create more love and connection in their lives. What we’ve discovered about creating a great relationship is […]

How to Create a Closer Connection in Your Marriage or Relationship

What are some of the things we do that get in the way of a close, connected and even passionate relationship or marriage? This is a good question and because we’re always asking ourselves how we can create more of what we want in our own relationship and how we can help facilitate that outcome […]

Keeping the Fire Lit In Your Relationship or Marriage

Here’s an interesting question… Did you ever want to do something and know that it would be good for you but you couldn’t seem to find the energy to actually do it? Most of us have had that dilemma at one time or another in our lives so we’re pretty sure that you know what […]

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

There are many recipes for creating a happy marriage. Through our work with couples in our relationship coaching practice, we’ve discovered a few “truths” that seem to be universal and what we call “our” recipe for a happy marriage. Here are 7 simple suggestions to help you create your recipe for a happy marriage: 1. […]

3 Ways to Put Desire Back Into Your Marriage

If there’s one thing that can kill a relationship or marriage, it’s when one partner wants more passion, physical attention and touch than their partner wants.Now you might think that it’s the men who want more passion and it the women who tend to lose interest in it over the years but in the “real” […]

Relationship Advice for Falling ‘In Like’ with Your Partner

How much do you truly like the person you are with? Just about everyone in a marriage or love relationship shares a bond or some level of deep feelings with their partner.It might feel like passion or even adoration to you. Or it could be that those excited, alive feelings about your mate have faded a […]

Spicing Up Your Love Relationship in 4 Easy Steps

No matter how long you’ve been in a love relationship, you can always find ways to spice it up. It is indisputable that relationships change all the time and boredom can occur if you keep doing the same “old” thing. Regardless of the stage of life you are in, you can spice up your love […]

You’re ‘Needy’: How to Get Your Partner to Respond to You

***QUESTION FROM A READER:  “My biggest frustration in my relationship is that whenever I become even a little needy, I find my partner withdrawing. “If I point this out, he is sweet and makes an effort but his natural instinct is to withdraw. “Also, I want more physical affection other than love-making. I find that […]