Romantic Tips for Valentine’s Day

If there is any romantic tip that we would give you it would be to begin paying attention to what your beloved would like as a gift.Sound easy? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. What most of us do–whether we realize it our not–is to give a gift that we would like rather than what the […]

A Romantic Trip Down Memory Lane

Taking trips down memory lane can do amazing things for your relationship. Think about how good it makes you feel when you bring out those old recordings of the music you listened to when you first fell in love.What a special way to celebrate your love, reconnect to a special time and to re- energize […]

One Way to Spice Up Your Love Relationship

Want to spice up your love life and simply have more fun doing it?Try acting on some of the fantasies that the two of you might have. Now, not all fantasies have to be acted on. It might be just as much fun to talk about your fantasies but sometimes you might want to experiment […]

Romantic Things to Do to Keep Your Relationship Vibrant, Alive and Exciting

It’s often been said that it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. No where is this truer than when it comes to keeping your relationship alive, growing and vibrant.Romance can be one of those things that keeps a relationship fresh and exciting. We all have different ideas of what “romance” and […]

How to Create and Keep Valentine’s Day Romance

“I hate Valentine’s Day!” “I wear black on Valentine’s Day” “It’s just a ploy to get you to buy flowers and candy.” If you’ve either spoken or heard any of these sentiments about that infamous February tradition, please read this article! Of course, it is hard to read a magazine, turn on the tv, or […]

A Romantic Gift Idea for Any Day of the Year

Because we’re relationship coaches and work with a lot of people to help them put more spark into their relationships and marriages, one of the biggest questions we get (especially at Valentines Day) is…”What is a great way to get closer to my loved one?”Whether you’re talking about the love of your life, your kids […]

10 Ideas for Expanding into Love and Enjoyment

It’s summertime where we live and the flowers are in full bloom. Since we’ve had quite a bit of rain, our yard is also lush with various shades of green. With all of this “lushness” around us, we think that it’s a great reminder for all of us to relax and expand into loving and […]

6 Romantic Ideas for Adding More Spice to your Relationship

Rediscovering how to have fun together is one of the best ways we know to rebuild connection and love–and spice up your the romance in your relationship.What we’ve discovered about typical relationships is that most of the time we have fun as a couple in the early stages and then we get “serious.” Somewhere along […]

Love Relationships and Pleasure: How Much Can You Stand?

What are your pleasure beliefs? This may seem like an odd question. After all, everyone likes pleasure, right?Whether it’s taking in the pleasing sensations of a soft summer breeze, petting your cat, or being sensually stroked by your partner, pleasure comes in many forms. As surprising as it may sound, some of us put limits […]

The 12 Things Not To Forget this Valentine’s Day or Any Day If You Want Your Relationship to be Special and Filled with Romance

As you’ve probably noticed, we are all being bombarded with messages like don’t forget the flowers, boxes of candy, and of course, the diamonds because Valentine’s day is approaching. Valentine’s day can bring up a myriad of emotions which can either bring couples closer for a short period of time or create feelings of loneliness […]

5 Ways to Make this Valentine’s Day the Most Romantic Ever

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year–right? How many times do your expectations fall short and you end up feeling worse after the holiday is over? Here are 5 ideas to help you get past flowers and candy to create the relationship you’ve always wanted not only on Valentine’s […]