Find Out the Truth When You’re Suspicious and Jealous

Great numbers of women have written to thank us for creating our “Where there’s smoke there’s fire: How to tell if your man’s a cheating liar”that is helping them ease their suspicions. They are telling us how valuable this program is to help them know whether they have anything to be jealous or upset about […]

Is a Little Jealousy Okay?

Is a little jealousy okay and just a way of showing you care……or does it (jealousy) always create havoc and damage a relationship?To answer this question…Let us start by having you take a trip with us down memory lane… Remember in junior high school when you started noticing the opposite s*e*x and tried to figure […]

Overcome and Eliminate Jealousy after Being Cheated on

How do you stop jealousy if you’ve had a past filled with partners who cheated on you, including your current partner–even though he (or she) is faithful at the present time? >NOTE: Jealousy can ruin a relationship or marriage faster than almost anything. If you’d like some help dealing with your jealousy issues, you might […]

Embarrassing Jealousy Meltdowns: What to do when they happen

If you’ve ever had a jealousy “meltdown” and accused your partner of something which may or may not be true, you know that it just caused even more problems than you had before. Jealousy can ruin your relationship and wreck havoc with your life if you don’t do something about it–and fast! If you want […]

Relationship Advice if You’ve Broken Up Over Jealousy

If you’ve ever suffered a break up because of your jealousy or even worried about your relationship ending because you can’t seem to control yourself… You’re not alone. We hear from people ever day who either worry that their relationship is ending because of their bouts with jealousy or their relationship has ended and they […]

Is Peace Possible When There’s Jealousy?

Because jealousy can be such a huge, damaging issue for you and your relationships if you don’t do something about it, we couldn’t help but think about it this past weekend.Here’s what was going on to make us really spend some time focusing on jealousy and how to stop it… The two of us were […]

Jealousy: 3 Consequences You’ll Want to Avoid

Think about it…Everything in life has consequences. Some of these consequences are ones you want and some you don’t. Recently, we’ve been thinking about some of the consequences of jealousy that you don’t want–and we want to WARN you about 3 of them right now.  As we were thinking about “consequences,” the strangest thing came […]

How to Deal with Jealousy of Other Women

When jealousy strikes, no matter what the cause or the target, it can certainly play havoc in your life. Here’s “Karen’s” question… “I wanted to contact you because I’m not jealous or with a jealous partner. My jealousy problem lies with being jealous of other people especially women. I HATE it and I pray and […]

Jealous Because He’s Looking at Other Women?

This relationship issue has been such a hot button topic lately and we’ve gotten hundreds of emails about it from both women AND men wanting to know more that we just had to say something and here’s why… Women are outraged and feel insulted when men do this and the worst part is…… in many […]

Outdated Jealousy Advice You Should Ignore

Jealousy advice,especially on the internet is plentiful and it can be pretty confusing to figure out what advice to believe and what not to.If you are jealous or your partner is jealous–and you’ve talked about it with your friends–you might be getting their advice added to the mix. This is especially dangerous because, in almost […]

Dealing with Jealousy: Friendships with the Opposite Sex

Here’s an interesting question that one of the subscribers to this newsletter asked us recently… This is one of the biggest challenges that many couples face and can the lines get fuzzy really quick on this one! Are friendships with people of the opposite sex appropriate if you are in a committed relationship? Here are […]

Jealousy: What to Say if He’s Paying too Much Attention to Other Women

One of the things that prevents couples from having a relationship that’s as close and connected as they’d like it to be–especially when there’s jealousy–is that one or both of them finds themselves NOT saying what’s on their mind on a regular basis–or saying it wrong! This is one of the reasons we created our […]

Jealousy–Where does it come from?

A common issue that gets in the way of having great relationships is jealousy. We put the issue of jealousy into two camps: 1) Where one or both partners have broken past commitments and there is jealousy between them. And 2) Where one partner is jealous of their partner and there doesn’t seem to be […]

“Jealousy and Suspicion: Can you get over it?”

Here’s an interesting question about jealousy and suspicion that a woman asked us recently…“Hi, I have been receiving your small daily hints on jealousy. My problem is not only with my partner but also with my dad too. He is 71. I am more suspicious than jealous. It is a feeling of wanting to know […]

Jealousy: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Coming Up Short

Have you ever compared yourself to another person? If you’re human–and honest–you probably answered “yes.” The truth is that we all have compared ourselves to others–in lesser or greater degrees at sometime in our lives. Comparing ourselves to another seems to be part of the human experience–usually not the most desirable part. Our comparisons are usually to help us feel superior to someone […]