3 Ways to Balance Work and Relationship…When Work is Your Passion

Jennifer feels torn and guilty. For the first time in her life, she’s doing work that she absolutely loves. She’s had several jobs in the past that merely paid the bills. Now, however, she looks forward to going into the office every day. It’s always stimulating and rewarding. Some days, she is disappointed when 5 […]

Marriage Advice that May Sound a Little Crazy…but It Works!

Would you like more passion and connection in your marriage? Despite your desire for a closer relationship, does it seem like the tension and irritation in your marriage is moving the two of you further apart? Are you longing for some REAL changes to happen so that you can finally have the kind of bond […]

3 Jealousy Tips That Could Save Your Relationship

Every time that Becca’s boyfriend Jason returns home from a business trip, they seem to get into an argument– and that’s a lot because he travels regularly for work. Becca can’t seem to stop her jealous thoughts about Jason having an affair with another woman who lives in a different city. She wants to trust […]

How to Pick Up the Pieces and Re-Connect After a Relationship Crash

Have you ever been through a relationship crash? It might have felt like a relatively minor fender-bender. Maybe a disagreement arose between you and your partner that lead to tension, irritation and harsh words spoken. It might have seemed like a full-out crash that seems to demolish you and your relationship. Perhaps one of you […]

17 Ways You Might Be Shutting Off Intimacy and Love

We all shut off intimacy and love at various times in our lives and we often do it unconsciously. We do it by thinking old thoughts and beliefs that sabotage our happiness and keep love away without even realizing that we’re doing it. In order to have the intimacy, connection and love that you want, […]

5 Trends That Can Kill Your Marriage

If there’s one common question we hear from people who have ended their marriages (or their partners ended them), it’s this… “Is there anything I could have done differently to save my marriage?” We’ve discovered that it’s not what you do at the last minute when your marriage’s in big trouble that makes a  difference… […]

How to Create a Closer Connection in Your Marriage or Relationship

What are some of the things we do that get in the way of a close, connected and even passionate relationship or marriage? This is a good question and because we’re always asking ourselves how we can create more of what we want in our own relationship and how we can help facilitate that outcome […]

Pursuing a Happy Relationship and Marriage

Recently, we watched the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” which gave us much food for thought about overcoming challenges while holding the vision for what you want.The story was based on parts of Chris Gardner’s life story and although we don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it, the film is […]

Instant Relationship Breakthroughs – part 2

An instant relationship breakthrough is that moment when one or both of you make a shift to do, say or act differently and there’s an opening, a sense of understanding or feeling of connection and communion in the relationship. If your intention is to create breakthroughs like this, then you will create the type of […]

Growing Apart: Is It “Normal” In Relationships and Marriages?

Here’s a common issue for many people that we wanted to address in this week’s issue of our newsletter… It’s about the question of “do we have to grow apart over the years with people we are in relationships with?” and how do you restore closeness if you do grow apart? We get lots of […]

How Fun and Laughter Can Help Your Marriage

We agree with Cynthia. Cynthia is one of our newsletter subscribers and she suggested that the power of laughter, fun and having a humorous attitude is a great way to keep relationships growing, alive and connected and we totally agree with her. Norman Cousins, in his books Anatomy of an Illness and Head First, proved […]

Relationship Advice for Keeping Your Marriage Loving Forever

Great relationships DO NOT happen by accident. In fact, it’s true about not only your relationships, but everything in life.Take couples who fall in love, get married and stay in love for example…We’ve found that “falling in love” and “staying in love” are two different things. The falling in love part is certainly easier than […]

A Smart Way To Deal With Disrespect In A Marriage

Have you ever felt frustrated when your partner (or anyone else for that matter) didn’t make some changes that you wanted them to make and because of this, you felt like you weren’t being respected? Most of us have felt that way at one time or another. We just wanted the other person to “respect” […]

Keeping the Fire Lit In Your Relationship or Marriage

Here’s an interesting question… Did you ever want to do something and know that it would be good for you but you couldn’t seem to find the energy to actually do it? Most of us have had that dilemma at one time or another in our lives so we’re pretty sure that you know what […]

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

There are many recipes for creating a happy marriage. Through our work with couples in our relationship coaching practice, we’ve discovered a few “truths” that seem to be universal and what we call “our” recipe for a happy marriage. Here are 7 simple suggestions to help you create your recipe for a happy marriage: 1. […]