He’s Tired of Her Spying and Wants More Privacy

“Been married for a year and a half now but my wife keeps spying on my Facebook page almost everyday. There is a pass code on my phone she does not know, but last time she was able to read my massages and came questioning me.”Even though I have got nothing to hide from her […]

Overcome Jealousy and Mistrust Even if You Were Cheated On Before

***QUESTION FROM A READER: “How can I NOT be suspicious and jealous of my new husband when I was cheated on by past relationships?” >>>Suggestion: If you’ve been cheated on before–either by your current partner or by someone in a past relationship and jealousy is an issue for you… Then we highly suggest that you […]

Why We Sabotage Our Relationships

Why do we sabotage what we really want in our relationships and lives? That’s a great question and one we’ve been living with for the past week in our own lives and we’re sure that you’ve run across it too in your own life. There are many possible reasons why people unconsciously sabotage something that’s […]

Strategies to Change Jealous Thoughts

When you’re jealous, you’re usually in such an emotional tailspin that it’s sometimes difficult to know where the jealousy came from. But sometimes you KNOW it came from one or more past relationships where you were lied to and cheated on. Here’s a message from a woman who’s been working on her jealousy stirred up […]

Jealousy: Is it a Psychiatric Condition?

Can you stop jealousy without psychiatric intervention?And does it always destroy the relationships or marriages of people who find themselves mired in the muck of jealousy?These are good questions and … If you’ve experienced intense, out-of-control feelings that can come up because of jealousy, we’re guessing that at times, somewhere in the back of your […]

You Don’t Have To Be Jealous Forever

When you’re in the middle of intense feelings of jealousy, it can seem like it will be that way forever. But it doesn’t have to be that way… You can do something to change your life and one of best ways to help yourself is to start learning new skills. If you’re ready, check out […]

Is Jealousy a Phobia and What to Do About It

***QUESTION FROM A READER: “Is jealousy a phobia? I wonder if to get over it, I must treat it like a phobia? If I see a great looking woman or he is looking at her, I get the same symptoms that people with phobias get. I start breathing heavy, I shake and I feel all […]

Jealous Because Your Partner Ignores You…

One of the biggest reasons that jealousy rears its ugly head is when a man or woman feels ignored by his or her partner.Whether the partner believes that he or she is guilty of ignoring the jealous person is irrelevant because in most instances, being ignored is all in the eye of the beholder. Here’s […]

The Worst Jealousy Advice Ever Given…

“Want More Passion and Spark in Your Marriage? Try a Little Jealousy!” Anna reads this magazine headline as she stands in line at the grocery store. She starts to wonder if there’s something to this advice. Anna’s husband has been hyper-focused on his career for the past year (or more). While she is proud of […]

Jealousy and Holiday Stress: 3 Ways to Feel Stress-Free During the Holidays

Here in the US, Canada, and many other countries, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays roll around every year.This usually means more parties, more get-togethers with friends & family, more socializing than normal and in many cases more partying.While many people get that warm feeling of excitement and love inside as the holidays approach–if you’re jealous, this […]

Jealousy – How to Communicate about it

***QUESTION FROM A READER: “I find approaching or discussion about jealousy issues in my relationships THE MOST DIFFICULT part. Can you guys please suggest ways of talking about it with our partners… specific words to use and what not to say?” >>>OUR COMMENTS: First of all–great question because most of us haven’t been taught how […]

Questions to Help You Understand and Overcome Jealousy

If you want help stopping jealousy, our “No More Jealousy” book and audio program will give you the tools to stop it BEFORE it rips your relationship to shreds and you find yourself looking for a new partner or in divorce court. Here’s the link to order or find out more…No More Jealousy Program Okay–so […]

Unwarranted Jealousy: What to do when there’s no reason to be jealous

Jealousy is embarrassing enough but when it’s unwarranted and your partner hasn’t done anything that should make you feel jealous– this makes jealousy twice as bad!If you want help stopping jealousy, our “No More Jealousy” book and audio program will give you the tools to stop it BEFORE it rips your relationship to shreds and […]

Stop Jealousy and Stop Fighting

Imagine that you’re sitting in a nice restaurant with your partner and what you’ve been fearing happens… Someone catches your partner’s eye and you can’t help but stare at your partner to see how long or how intensely he or she looks at that other person or continues to flirt with them. You are ANGRY. […]

What’s Underneath Jealousy?

When the subject of jealousy comes up for many people, it’s usually thought to be a challenge between a couple in an intimate relationship which involves a third party. We know that jealousy can be about much more than that and here’s why. . . You can be jealous of other people’s things, their success, […]