6 Signs that Love Will Thrive in Your Relationship

Are you a worrier? Do you look around at all of the love relationships and marriages that started out so wonderfully and then ended in pain and drama? It can feel like there’s an epidemic of relationships falling apart if you read magazines or surf the internet. It’s natural to want to know what chance […]

Is Jealousy Really SO Terrible?

What do you tell yourself when you feel jealous? “Everybody gets jealous.” “A ‘little’ jealousy is good for my relationship.” “I’ve got this jealousy thing under control.” “Jealousy only shows my partner how much I care.” “Jealousy really isn’t so terrible!”  You try to convince yourself that the worried, angry, insecure and upset way you […]

Jealousy Help When Your Partner Pulls Away

Have you ever been in the upsetting and jealousy-triggering place of feeling like your partner has pulled away from you? When your partner seems distant or distracted, it can seem like a huge rejection. Your jealous mind turns whatever your partner is (or isn’t) saying or doing into a sign that something is wrong. Trisha […]

Send a CLEAR Message…When Your Partner Gets Sexy Texts from Another Person

Michelle has had enough! It was annoying when her boyfriend Jeff started getting daily texts from a woman he works with. The texts started out innocent– jokes about their boss or gripes about work projects. Then, the messages became more flirty and personal– questions about what Jeff was up to. Jeff always showed Michelle the […]

Is Infidelity Good for a Relationship?

“Is infidelity good for a relationship?” We were stopped in our tracks when we read this question on a website recently. If you interviewed people on the street and relationship experts in their offices, they’d probably say that, without a doubt, infidelity is NOT a good thing for a love relationship or marriage. If you’ve […]

9 Nag-Free Ways to Get More Follow Through in Your Relationship

The last thing Kristen wanted was to be that stereotypical wife who pesters her husband again and again and again. But, unfortunately, that’s what she feels like. Kristen’s husband, Pete, is a fun and loving guy. When he’s not at work, he fills his time with golf, running, paint ball, cycling and more. This active […]

How to Say “I’m Sorry” After Your Affair

Trying to pick up the pieces of your relationship after you’ve had an affair or betrayed your mate in another way can be difficult. You need to be patient and do whatever it takes to rebuild trust if you want to stay in this relationship. Many times the road to re-connection can start with an […]

3 Jealousy Tips That Could Save Your Relationship

Every time that Becca’s boyfriend Jason returns home from a business trip, they seem to get into an argument– and that’s a lot because he travels regularly for work. Becca can’t seem to stop her jealous thoughts about Jason having an affair with another woman who lives in a different city. She wants to trust […]

8 Steps to Rebuild Trust After Cheating

If trust in your love relationship has been broken because of infidelity or another betrayal, your situation might feel bleak and even hopeless. You may remember a time when you felt close and connected with this person. Now, that time seems distant. Or it could be that you never felt a strong bond of trust […]

Can You Ever Trust Your Partner Again?

Teri feels horrible. She doesn’t think she could feel any worse than she does right now. Her husband, Clint, admitted that he cheated. He’s temporarily moved out while they each decide what to do next. Other than confessing that, over the course of several months, he had an affair with a woman he works with, […]

Relationship Advice for Spotting Signs of Trouble in Your Marriage

When people ask us what’s one thing they can do to get closer in their marriage, we give them a suggestion that goes something like this… If you want to get closer, one way is to focus on getting on the same team. This seems so obvious but “getting on the same team” and getting […]

Find Out the Truth When You’re Suspicious and Jealous

Great numbers of women have written to thank us for creating our “Where there’s smoke there’s fire: How to tell if your man’s a cheating liar”that is helping them ease their suspicions. They are telling us how valuable this program is to help them know whether they have anything to be jealous or upset about […]

Overcome and Eliminate Jealousy after Being Cheated on

How do you stop jealousy if you’ve had a past filled with partners who cheated on you, including your current partner–even though he (or she) is faithful at the present time? >NOTE: Jealousy can ruin a relationship or marriage faster than almost anything. If you’d like some help dealing with your jealousy issues, you might […]

Is Peace Possible When There’s Jealousy?

Because jealousy can be such a huge, damaging issue for you and your relationships if you don’t do something about it, we couldn’t help but think about it this past weekend.Here’s what was going on to make us really spend some time focusing on jealousy and how to stop it… The two of us were […]

Outdated Jealousy Advice You Should Ignore

Jealousy advice,especially on the internet is plentiful and it can be pretty confusing to figure out what advice to believe and what not to.If you are jealous or your partner is jealous–and you’ve talked about it with your friends–you might be getting their advice added to the mix. This is especially dangerous because, in almost […]